Download latest PUBG mobile APK working in India

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Download latest PUBG mobile APK working in India

After China’s tension, India banned many Chinese apps, one of which was a PUBG mobile game.

There was a rumor that PUBG Mobile is going to be launched between 15 to 19 January 2021 but /nothing happened that their official website is still written “Coming Soon”, there is no news about it yet. When it will launch.

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Many of the people who were already installed the game are still running that game and many people have closed it, so they have uninstalled it and many of its APKs are lying online, including many There are those in which we have a virus, etc., which can easily attack your mobile. Stay away from such APK.

Shortly after this PUBG mobile was banned, Akshay Kumar announced the Make in India app FAU-G that he is going to bring a Make in India shooting game soon which is also being launched on 26 January 2021. FAU-G game is not a battle royal game, it is a campaign type game, in which you will get a campaign mission, you will have to play it as you can not do online battles with your friends in it. Recently the trailer of this game was also launched in which it was clearly seen that it is not a Battle Royal game, in this, you will have to complete the missions and if you want to know about the FAU-G, then the link below Click on

If you play a PUBG game on an iOS device like iPhone or iPad, then I told you in my previous article how you can install a PUBG game on the IOS device, so if you have to install it on the IOS device then you can click on the below link.

If you use an Android device and want to install the PUBG Mobile game on your Android device, then you can click on the link below and download the APK. There is no virus attack that will not cause any problem in your phone.

Click here to download PUBG MOBILE APK

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