FAU-G mobile game is available for download


FAU-G mobile game is available for download

As we all know that the Fau-G mobile game which is made in India was going to release on the 26th of January 2021 which is just launched, You can download it from Google Play Store and enjoy it. It has not come on the iOS app store yet to see whether it will be available on iOS devices or not.

As we all know, the PUBG Mobile was Banned in India after the relationship with China deteriorated, and shortly after that, along with devotion, many other sites came and banned the app. Akshay Kumar had said on his Twitter that we are making a Make in India FAU-G game and will bring it to you soon, then its trailer was recently launched, after that it was told that the game was launched on the 26th January.

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PUBG Mobile game is available on the Google play store. You can download it there and play it like a champion or say it is a mission-related game. There is no way you can play a game like Battle Royal which means you Can not enjoy this game with friends in real-time. When this game came for the pre-register, many of its millions were also registered, so they can know how eagerly the people of India are waiting for this game.

You will get the mission to fight domestic and international terrorism, in which you will fight the country and protect the country and there will be many such missions related to real time.

Akshay Kumar had informed about the launch, after which #FAUG is trending on the second number on Twitter, so you can know how much people are liking it.

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