When will the PUBG mobile game be re-launched in India

Pubg india

When will the PUBG mobile game be re-launched in India

Why PUBG ban in India:

As we all know that PUBG Mobile was banned in India in the
middle of 2020 following the tensions between India and China over
the Galwan Valley incident. There were many reasons, but one of
those regions was a very serious that government of china receive all
data of users and use these data against us as well as our country.
That was the reasons why the Indian government ban all Chinese app
including PUBG mobile.


PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile video games in the
world. India was one of its largest markets until the mobile game was
banned by the Indian government.
The ministry of information technology responded saying that the
the government will first check the whole app and analyze its policies.
According to sources, if PUBG Mobile India will be found following all of
the Indian government’s rules and regulations. Government of India
wants that PUBG Corporation should not share any kind of data with
the Chinese Government and the data of Indian users should be under
the supervision of the Indian authority.
This is the biggest announcement for MILLIONS of Indian PUBG players
that the government has agreed to relaunch PUBG MOBILE in 2021 mid. There is no date to relaunch it so far. There are some rumors that it can be launched in the month of March or April 2021.

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