How to Install and Play Pubg On iPad or iOS after Ban in India without jailbreak and VPN

PUBG on Ipad

How to Install and Play Pubg On iPad or iOS after Ban in India without jailbreak and VPN

Hello friends, as you know that PUBG has been banned in India, so there were a lot of people who used to play in India, its maximum traffic was available to PUBG from India.

Android devise, some people have this game still running and those who are not running are downloading the APK, but on iOS devices, you cannot download and run such a file.

I can tell you a simple way to play PUBG in iOS devices in which neither you have to jailbreak nor do you have to use any VPN etc.

So to play PUBG on iOS devices, you have to download the Korea version game. I will tell you step by step how to download it. And believe it, this Korean version game will run on your device a hundred percent without any VPN, you can fully enjoy it.

So let’s start following the steps given below:

Step 1:

First of all, go to your search box and search the app store, after searching the app store, Tap on it to open the app store.

Step 2:

After opening the app store, you will click on the profile icon, after clicking on the profile icon, you will open a popup in which you will see a label of country and region that you have to Tap.

Step 3:

After Tap on the change country origin, you will get another option. Change country and region will Tap on it, After selecting the country and region, you will see a list of countries, from that list you will select the option by Tap on Korea Republic of.

Step 4:

After selecting the Korea Republic you will get an agreement which you will proceed by agree on it.

After this, you will open a form in which you will select which method you want to select for payment, in which you will select your None.

After selecting None, you will come to enter the billing address below, then you can enter the billing address as shown in the image.

Step 5:

After entering the billing address, you will click on Next, after that it will take some time, then after that everything will be saved, then you click on Done and all your work is done, you will be redirected to the home page of the app store where you can search for PUBG in the search box, then you will get it to install Pubg game.

So as you have seen how easy you have downloaded the PUBG game with the Korea version and you can play the game after downloading it, there will be no problem with it, you can log in with Facebook in whatever you want to do. But it has a problem that if you login with Facebook, then all your Facebook friends will not in friend list because it is a server change, because of this you will not show any friends in it if you have your old If you want to play with friends, then you have to send your new ID. PUBG that he has to share it and he has to add it to his friend list, only then you can play with him.

If you do not do this, please tell us in the comment and if you liked it, then please tell us in the comment and we have put a video on our YouTube channel if you do not understand anything. You can also see that in the video below, we have also told step by step how to install PUBG on an iOS device.

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