PUBG Mobile continues to evolve with its version 2.8 update, offering an enriched Battle Royale (BR) gaming experience with a plethora of new features and improvements. Following the immense success of the 2.7 update, Tencent Games is set to introduce the fifth significant update of 2023, which marks the closure of the Dragon Ball Super collaboration, paving the way for exciting new additions. This article delineates the essential aspects of the forthcoming 2.8 update scheduled for release on September 7.

Zombies Edge: A Revamped Challenge for Gamers

One of the highlight features of the 2.8 update is the return of zombies to the classic mode maps of Erangel, Miramar, and Livik. Gamers would encounter these zombies around the new mysterious base, Aerolith Lab. The upgraded graphics and physics simulation enhance the gaming experience, making battles with zombies more immersive and thrilling than ever before. The newly incorporated ragdoll system amplifies the realism, engrossing players further into the game.

Normal Mutants

The update brings forth normal mutants, which are known to move and hunt in groups, representing a high threat level when players approach them. These creatures are expected to inflict high damage, introducing a new layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay.


Gamers need to brace themselves for the encounter with Berserkers, massive entities equipped with muscular arms capable of switching between sharp blades and robust armor. These entities alter their attack modes based on their current form, employing charged attacks in their armored state, although this exposes their weaknesses, allowing players to strategize their defense accordingly.


Rippers, on the other hand, are agile and slender, continuously launching attacks on players akin to assassins. Equipped with sharp claws, these enemies, however, are susceptible to headshots, which can swiftly neutralize them.

Mutation Weaponry: Adding a New Dimension to Combat

The 2.8 update introduces mutation weaponry, obtainable after defeating zombies and within the premises of the Aerolith Lab. This segment discusses the specific weaponry in detail.

Mutation Gauntlets

This new addition permits players to transform their arms into massive gauntlets capable of delivering formidable Slam attacks. These attacks are so potent that zombies find retaliation impossible. Furthermore, players can execute a Great Smash attack, causing significant area damage.

Mutation Blade

The Mutation Blade is another notable inclusion, enhancing player agility and facilitating slashing attacks that cover extensive ranges and deal substantial damage to zombies. Players can also execute a Wild Dash, charging towards the crosshair’s direction to inflict damage on enemies.

Aerolith Lab and Outposts: The Centers of Action

Aerolith Lab emerges as a pivotal area in the 2.8 update, functioning as the central power source for zombies. This location, along with the Outposts, will be the spawning grounds for zombies, including the Berserkers and Rippers, offering great loot opportunities for players.

Gameplay and Editor Enhancements

The 2.8 update doesn’t just focus on introducing new characters and weapons, but also aims at improving the overall gaming experience. Significant improvements have been made to gameplay devices, game parameter settings, and editor features. These enhancements are set to benefit both PUBG Mobile creators/streamers and general gamers, facilitating a better gaming and creative experience.

Furthermore, the update will see the introduction of several other elements, such as the replacement of AUG with FAMAS in the air-drop, the introduction of a new Dagger in themed mode, and the ability to add a Tactical Gunpowder attachment to Crossbows, inducing delayed explosions to damage enemies. Players can also anticipate changes in the new PUBG Mobile season rewards and missions, which will be revealed in due course.

By offering a rich blend of new features and improvements, the 2.8 update stands as a promising enhancement to the PUBG Mobile universe, promising to engage players more than ever before.

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