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Most of Ubisoft’s open-world games have no campaign in Skull Bones. In the game, we have important characters or kingpins that you will meet on your journey. The game and they will have some story and background that you will be able to do with a job or a contract with them but,

It’s definitely not a story-driven game in that you don’t end up with Skull and Bones and there’s a credit and a cut scene at the end. It’s something we want to maintain as a live game for years and years to come, rather than a story written by Ubisoft.

The story of Skull Bone is one that you create yourself. You set your own objectives. Decide how you will cross the waves and loot ships to increase your wealth and notoriety. You can do this all alone but Skull Bones is a shared-world game with up to 20 players on each server. You can team up with those other players or hunt them down and sink their ships and steal their treasure.

Open World Sea

The Indian Ocean is full of opportunities, with plenty of characters offering work contracts that lead to thrills, explosions, and most importantly, heaps of treasure.

It is about bringing or following some dangerous banned substances to different places around the world and taking out the designated pirates who are causing trouble.

They fall into the categories of getting things for pirates, for one of the kingpins or robbing one of the settlements to obtain a certain item. He wants those things or it is very dangerous for him to move things from one place to another and you cannot lose it. You explore the ocean, you will discover hidden islands and trade routes of enemy weapons.

Become a Pirate Kingpin

Infamy is a Skull and Bone progression system as you increase your Infamy rank. You’ll unlock the ability to captain more impressive ships and experience the game’s high-end opportunities. How can we work in this risk-rewarding of progress in something you basically risk?

They did this back in time when you were taking activities, so if you sink a large ship your notoriety increases, and this gives you access to various pirates who want to work with you and do treats you and is precisely the flow that follows our progress.

Your big overarching goal is to become a pirate kingpin and sit among the most terrifying pirates in the Indian Ocean to top the infamous ladder. If you play Skull and Bones you play regularly and you invest the time you will reach kingpin but kingpin is where a new kind of experience begins and that Might be a little more competitive in the end.

Survive Dangerous Seas

Along the way, you should always be aware of the mechanics of skull and bone existence. At the start of the game, you basically have nothing left, so you need to craft. Your first spear and you have to hunt some sharks or some fish to be able to cook and Grill them to be able to feed yourself and your crew. Keep your crew happy and it is difficult to steer these big ships when they are sailing in the sea.

So you have we have a concept called morale and it will depart slowly or quickly depending on the type of ship. How far are you in your slander and do you need to feed them to keep that up? In order to become more successful, you need to be more critical and challenging to survive the changes that manage your ship. You’ll need to repair the hull and keep the cannons loaded, but keep your weight in careful balance, it’s tempting to loot all the treasures.

Crafting Items

The crafting system of skull bones starts with almost everything you can find. Everything in the world has a value so either if you find something, it’s something you can use right away or it’s something you can save for later blueprints or designs. Or it is something you will need as a component of a recipe for food or it could be something you can sell. Raw materials collected by collecting and looting can be taken to Craftsman NPCs. Who can turn them into convertible items for your ship creating a set of new cannons that can detonate the enemy more efficiently Vessels for splinters armor plates?

Ship is Everything

Your most important possession is the ship in Skull and Bones. The game is set almost entirely in the ocean. Your ship is both your transport and your weapon. It’s easy to set up your sails and fire your cannons. It is very easy to lift your various ships by sailing.


If you were playing a shooter there is a variety of ships to captain, from tiny Dover and Slope to midsize sandbox and brigantine and Each Beyond can be fitted with a wide range of equipment, from classic guns to more specialized equipment. Flamethrowers and multi-barrels, mortar combinations and guns will be important. Contracts will demand different methods. Attacking a fortress to a courier job requires an entirely different setup. It’s also important to remember that your ship and cannon are not your only tools.

Smart use of your crew is important if you want to get away with the best loot as you do damage so your crew gets caught up in the excitement. You will be able to execute what we call a crew-to-crew attack. If your enemy ship is in poor health they will perform a boarding maneuver and that will hook them. That you get all the cargo in freight while most of the skull bones world is made of water.

Explore Locations

There are places on land you can go to and explore these areas which are similar to base camps in games. Like Faraway and Assassin’s Creed, they’re where you’ll meet NPCs and make other player contracts. Craft new items and build your fleet. There are pirate dens but small outposts can be found scattered throughout the Indian Ocean. This is where you will have your own warehouse where you will be socializing with other pirates where you can craft all Your various weapons and new ships.

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