As a part of the Xbox and Bethesda Games 2022 Showcase, the trailer of A plague tale: Requiem was released, leaving fans calling it both beautiful and gruesome simultaneously.

The trailer gave a sneak peek into the craziness and unique story the game has to display. With a supreme display, millions of rats, and constant attacks shown in the trailer, we can not wait any longer to play this.

The Requiem version of the plague tale is a continuation and follow-up of its previous version, A Plague Tale: Innocence, and is primarily said to follow the same story. The game features the protagonist Alicia, who, along with her younger brother, discovers how he is capable of displaying and holding enormously great powers despite being fatally sick by birth.

By possessing these powers, Hugo, Alicia’s younger brother, can control and maintain the directions of many rats, which are responsible for coming in and changing anyone’s destiny. Unfortunately, as is mandatory in any other game, this one also features a villain bent on taking Hugo’s powers from him. He considers the mother of these two siblings, but Alicia successfully rescues her after her many attempts.

A plague Tale focuses on the End of Innocence

While the preceding game focuses on the tagline Innocence, this version of Requiem focuses on the End of Innocence, where the duo is seen exploring new regions in search of a cure to this cure that Hugo is imparted.

The game surrounds itself with the escapades of Alicia and Hugo as the hordes of rats return through various islands, atypical regions, and combats. Given the nature of Hugo’s illness and the separation from their mother, it becomes difficult for the siblings to hide and drive Hugo’s curse from the villain who wants to snatch these powers to take over the country of France.

It is beautiful because of the breathtaking and mesmerizing graphics and added designs but is gruesome due to the amount of violence and non-conventional scenes portrayed.

Critics say this type of discretion might not even be suitable for children who are a large audience of those who play the game. The amount of adventure it is infiltrated with is supernatural and, at times, terrifying.

Final words

While many fans expected the game trailer to be a certain level of petrifying, specific visuals of the giant and dangerous rats send chills down the spine and are enough to make your skin crawl. Whether or not a sequel to the game will follow in the following years depends on how well this game succeeds. After all, it is a plague tale; how can one expect not to see a bunch of carnivores swamped to their screens. The game will be released later this year on all the PCs and Xbox Consoles, so get ready to get a hold of it and enjoy the adventure with Alicia and Hugo.