Far Cry 6 will release on 7 October 2021.This is Ubisoft’s most ambitious open world game ever. Far Cry 6 takes place on the fictional tropical island of Yara in the middle of the Caribbean. It is a richly diverse environment along with the decay of urban landscapes.

The story is still frozen in time. Yara was a prosperous and peaceful nation 50 years ago.

However a revolution took place when Gustavo’s father Fring.

The great Giancarlo Esposito was Yara’s El President, Anton’s father was killed right in front of his eyes as a result of the revolution, and Yara experienced substantial economic decline in 50 years, eventually leaving himself on the promise of Yara’s reconstruction of El. President was elected.

50 years ago anyone who spoke against his methods was converted into bonded labor and his persecution of the iron people was pushed.

The island reached the brink of a new revolution, in response to which Anton tightened his grip on the island and to achieve his dream for Yara and his San Diego Anton established the country’s independence.

Brutal social reform and now Europa finds itself on the verge of collapse or can be ruled, must be a lion.

While evolving as a gorilla you have to choose your identity, he is a gorilla not a gorilla and has to gather more weapons and gear to fight Anton’s rule.

You play as Danny Rosas and you will experience revolution through Danny’s eyes right from the beginning of the game, born and raised in Yara’s capital, you are a young military dropout,

Which has nothing to do with Anton or the revolution. You want to get the hell out of this island while you still can, but once you are facing Anton’s cruelty.

You realize that the only chance to truly live independently is to lead an army of guerrilla fighters into a new revolution.

You will join forces with colorful characters including Clara Garcia.

The leader of the revolutionary group Libertad when the atrocity law is revolution and of course Juan Cortez is a more jaded spy and guerrilla master.

From the beaches and swamps of the two forests to the towns and cities of the villages go together like fire and fury, Yara Island is designed in such a way that you feel like you are exploring an entire country, not That is just one area like some of the previous away games.

It really looks like Ubisoft is trying to change the formula here and makes this distant game stand out from the rest with a real emphasis on storytelling and world building and you know it is this brand new This is the first Falco game to be released on a generation console. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series x.

So it makes sense that Ubisoft wants this brand new hardware to increase visual fidelity and frame rate and the game is still set to release on Xbox One and PS4 as well.

So if you’re not able to get your hands on the latest generation of consoles, then you don’t have to worry about missing out on it. If a dog refuses to break then we have to put them down from the start of the anton The rise of power and the beginning of his plans to rebuild heaven.

The capital city of Esporanza is placed under martial law controlled by Anton’s elite forces.

The city has become a no-go zone for yarn citizens. Gorillas only venture into the border of the world’s capital of concrete on the most needed basis, this is where the guerrilla paths come in handy. A vast of hidden paths The network that the island’s military forces can use to bypass the guerrillas.

While navigating these paths you can also find some valuable gear intel and vantage points, the road networks on the island are controlled by entire outposts.

Yara and they need to be freed so that the gorillas can safely navigate the road network.

The regime’s flat cannons are how Anton controls the airspace above Yara and players will be gunned down if they try to fly an aircraft or helicopter with them.

Cannons can be found in military locations scattered across Yara and need to be destroyed one at a time, dating back to far 6 and now called FND Bases with a few more facilities in order to deal with them. To make it even more interesting.

There will no longer be a Far Cry without vehicles and Yara is known for its iconic variety of vehicles frozen in time by land, sea and air with its unique driving characteristics.

I love that little round head of the giant from Far Cry 3, which by the way is a nice touch, another option for Danny as a local Yaron, hiding arms in plain sight and crying away in ६ A brand new feature that allows players to interact. With the world around them without being constantly targeted by Anton soldiers.

Just don’t get too close and doubt and enter restricted areas without expecting all hell to loosen up, but how can the gorilla hide when everything is controlled by the military.

You may well ask that the gorilla camps arrive at the place where the gorillas go to hide from Anton’s army to plan their attacks and that these camps will be the central hub for the fight to regroup.

Where you prepare for battle and where most mission givers can meet and these seated camps are located across the entire landscape of Yara, now facing Anton Casio and his army.

The odds aren’t really in your favor, the gorilla numbers have gone up and your only chance is to make the enemy feel like there are a hundred of you, when in reality you’re just an army of one, so what is gorilla fantasy and because The island has been cut off from the rest of the world for decades.

Yaron people are used to creating everything they have and take the resolution of the gorilla philosophy to a new level in Far Cry 6, inspired by the creativity of resolver mastermind Juan Cortes Far Cry 6 , Which has an extensive and unpredictable arsenal of adaptations. Weapons and Equipment.

Players can go deeper into their playing style and experiment with a wider range of combinations than ever before.

If you are sneaking into a military base, for example, you may be ready for theft and sabotage, on the other hand, if you are planning to acquire an outpost by force, your equipment will cause you heavy damage. Can help with handling and giving. You off an ace.

Another great feature up your sleeve should be called reinforcement and one that helps make the Far Cry 6 feel like an RPG that all the benefits of the game are now tied to gear that lets you customise your abilities Provide meaningful methods.

In this instance, the shooter’s goggles would make you the deadliest sniper with improved head-shot damage, while your vest pants and boots would improve stealth and manoeuvrability and with those gloves on.

You’ll be sure to never miss your target when you throw a knife. Far Cry 6 has the largest roster of weapons in today’s Far Cry game, with over 49 military grade weapons to choose from and many customisation. There are elements such as suppressors scope laser pointers and more and take this sniper rifle for example, you can add a homemade resolver scope to help you throw your distance on an American sphincter to stay calm and clean through the helmet How about some armour-piercing rounds to ensure a head-shot.

Sniping looks fun in this game. Now let’s take a look at some of these iconic resolver weapons made by mixing items like motorcycle engine sardine can gas bombs and don’t forget some old school CDs.

So you can blast tunes through the streets of Esperanza, as well as blast enemy soldiers with the new Deadly Disc Launcher, which is also new to Far Cry 6 and one of my personal favourite new features of Supreme is.

A new toy is actually designed to make you feel like a gorilla army, oh what is your size, let’s turn them on or off, can be activated to unleash a destructive one.

Choosing the rights to promos for the right job is another great way to complement your playing style based on special abilities and your attitude towards each mission.

We all know that things don’t always go according to the right plan, so let’s say you’re going through a stealth mission and things get a bit messy, when all else fails, the Extremator Backpack is your best. Is a friend.

A last resort diy rocket launcher that will destroy any reinforcements in your range that are so sick but the resolver philosophy does not stop at your loadout.

Gorillas will also discover inventive ways to transform everyday vehicles into weapons capable of facing Castillo’s army.

Players will now have their own rides that they will be able to customise inside and out and deliver it to you almost anywhere on the island.

You’ll be able to really make the vehicle your own and navigate the Yara with style, which will include various countermeasures and of course some sick new rims, but why go it alone on a mission when you’re going to send a friend a retreat. Can bring Far Cry 6 with the fan. There are amigo and they are back to help you on your crazy journey. Meet Guapo, meet the crocodile-eating soldier who can help get rid of enemies quickly and efficiently and save rivers and other large bodies of water. He is also a great asset when navigating and forget the character of who can.

The Sausage Dog doesn’t, he just makes your heart melt while his cute little face will help distract the soldiers while trying to take you down from the shadows.

If that technique fails it’ll definitely help you, but if someone hurts my boy chorizo, don’t be surprised when I become the new Baba Yagar and seek revenge on my little friend for the sake of taking revenge. Let me go on the spree, that’s a good boy. The right tool to complement your playing style, as you can see, is a core part of Far Cry 6 and the gorilla fantasy with its perfect mix of stealth and action is very suitable for Far Cry DNA and players have There will be more equipment now than ever before. .

Thanks to the new resolver philosophy, players are given a large amount of freedom to play the game however they want and I for one cannot wait to get stuck in Far Cry 6 later this year on 7 October 2021.

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