Call of Duty 2021 game release date, news and rumors

Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard

Call of Duty 2021 game release date, news and rumors

You as we know that the new game of Call of Duty is coming in 2021, it has been confirmed by activation. Call of Duty recently launched two games which were launched on 2019 and 2020, 2019 which was the Call of Duty Modern Warfare and 2020 launched with the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Call of Duty Modern Welfare broke a lot of records, many copies of it were sold as soon as it was launched and it has also come that it remains the highest earning game ever in the Call of Duty series. On the other hand, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is not liked by many people. Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which is a Battle Royal type game that Call of Duty has made free-for-all, you can play it for free by downloading.

So now we talk about which game of Call of Duty is going to come in 2021. A lot of people are eagerly waiting for the game of Call of Duty series, people want to see what graphics have been so improved in this, gunfight and this champion mission which are very interesting. If we believe the rumours, then the upcoming game of Call of Duty is related to World War 2.

As we know, the World War 2 of Call of Duty which has come in 2017 which did not attract so many people, then let’s see what will be new in this upcoming game and what will be the graphics and what will be the story line So we are very eagerly waiting for when the activation will launch it and what will be the maps of its multiplayer.

The game which is called Activision has been declared as “Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard”.

So far no news has come on which date it will be launched, it will be in the mid or late. You will keep reading our news as soon as you launch For all of us, this is the only thing so far and if the trailer and anything else is launched, we will show you first of all.

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