In the past decade, CD Projekt Red has made a quiet name for itself and has been a top video game development company in Europe. The company established a fanbase by releasing games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, its next project is dismay. 

Disappointed with Cyberpunk 2077

The review for Cyberpunk 2077 is not favorable and has left fans disappointed. Its first trailer was released before the 8th gen consoles and when the game launched, it was not even playable. Players had an unpleasant experience with the video game company. There wasn’t much effort behind CD Projekt Red’s execution of the game and it seemed a bit obvious. The game worked terribly on the 8th gen consoles. 

CD Projekt Red mistakes

CD Projekt Red has made a lot of mistakes, as people are pointing out. The company believed that because of the hype around the game, it would extremely well among the masses but it backfired. To begin with, their quality was below average and when they struck back, fans hoped for some improvements. Unfortunately, they cannot deliver it as well.

Today, the reputation of CD Projekt is in huge danger and its investors and publishers are at risk. According to news reports, a shocking revelation has been made. Post Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red’s value dropped 75%. Earlier, they were worth about $8.5 billion but the new game crushed their numbers. So, they are worth $2.1 worth of dollars. 

Share market

The share market numbers of CD Projekt Red were trending on the internet before the Cyberpunk 2077 launch, all credit belongs to the hype created by fans. They even reached 443 Polish Zloty shares six days before the release. Within the few months of Cyberpunk 2077’s presence on the shelf in the store, the value dropped less than half. The reason behind it is that people didn’t like the game. 

Cyberpunk 2077 already experienced several problems. Therefore, people expected that CD Projekt Red would release a version that eliminates those problems. They failed to meet the hype and expectations of people. As a result, their shares dropped 75%. In the last five years, all of the revenue the company generated has been cut in half. It has sold 14 million copies since the game launched, so, stating it as a complete failure might be incorrect. 

Although the PC version of the game is still playable, the console version is a fiasco. People were also enthusiastic about the promise made by CD Projekt Red about including the multiplayer mode in the game. To the utter disappointment, it ain’t happening. Due to the deteriorated state of the game, Sony removed the game from the PlayStation console. The reception of the games is not favorable. Many people have stopped playing them as it is not up to the mark. 

Final Word

In a nutshell, Cyberpunk 2077 is proof that disappointing fans can be a huge mistake for the revenue system. A polished and enjoyable version of games is what people deserve, as promised by the company. Why should people spend their money on a broken version of the games?