CO OP play is confirm in Days Gone 2, in which you will share in the whole Universe.

Days Gone 2

CO OP play is confirm in Days Gone 2, in which you will share in the whole Universe.

Days Gone 2 could have been a co-op game, Days Gone game director Jeff Ross has revealed.

As we all know that the Days Gone series, which is a Sony exclusive game, was quite popular,The story of the zombie survival in the open world game. The main character of this is Deccan, he has shown the story of Deacon St John while fighting the zombies in open world and fighting ambush camp, so how he along with his girlfriend and friend survive in the world.

In a recent livestream on Jaffe’s YouTube channel, he told that he is bringing an CO OP play in Days Gone 2. Jaffe has also been the director of God of War, he wants the upcoming series Days Gone 2 play with CO OP player and make the most of the world full of open world together. For this, he has also 3 times the number of employees in band studios.

I think it is going to create a lot of excitement because of which you will challenge it with your friends in the open word challenge. In it you will fight with your friends with zombies, which is quite exciting.

Ross has not worked with the Bend Studio before, it will be a new challenge for him and many new expectations will emerge. The Bend Studio has not yet announced the release date of the Days Gone 2, so it is in development mode right now and let’s see when it releases.

Days Gone can download and play for free for April 2021 for Playstation Plus member.


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