Vast open worlds freedom agency the horizon and also a lot of bugs and weird stuff.

Dumb things that only happen in open world games.

Open world games are often very large and complex, they have multiple systems at the same time trying to emulate a large-scale world for you, as they are at least slightly smaller than other games. Has a tendency to

Certain types of bugs are basically exclusive to open world games when they are first released and have some of the funniest and weirdest and a big reason for this is the nature of sporting goods such as horses and vehicles. Falling out of the sky is very common in open world games.

While it can sometimes be difficult to notice, other things such as blind glitching NPCs may be too much.

Honestly we can dedicate this entire section to the various bugs seen in Cyberpunk 2077, but this is far from the only open-world game in which the worms “Assassin’s Creed Unity” or “Assassin’s Creed Vallah” have mutant children. Misses no face from. Their worst open world games could be some of the most volatile and buggy sports out there.

It can be annoying but if you are lucky, it can also be really fun.

Harder not to kill NPCs

It’s really hard to kill NPCs like we’re watching you Grand Theft Auto and you know what we’re talking about.

Even in games where you are considered a decent person like San Andreas and GTA 4.

It is almost impossible to complete the game without being involved in the killing of vehicles.

It’s honestly too bad if you think about it then you play as a friend who is totally fine with driving in a busy pavement because it gives them a little speed through traffic in the real world. Will make you a monster but the story keeps going like you are too much.

We all know why these open world games have a story they want to tell and they are not going to change things because the player wants to go through a catharsis rage at a time, but it gives rise to some inconsistent moments Can be sure.

GTA is hardly the only one that does this. Many open world games let you crush civilians by the hundreds, even when you are considered a good man, some of them give you some kind of punishment but many of them happen.

Maybe if they made NPCs a bit like a survival instinct, it wouldn’t be so easy to kill them, but the way there are so many games they don’t.

The fact that it is hard to avoid killing innocent people in a lot of open world games is just plain dumb.

Endless Ocean

The world is just surrounded by an endless ocean in the Grand Theft Auto series, a strange thing about a lot of open world games is that there is literally nothing outside the world limits, even if you like games like Grand Theft Auto 5 Live in Was supposed to be in an alternate version of California.

It is actually an island in the middle of an empty sea. It is not even close to any other land, there is no sign of a wider world that you board a plane that you start to fly and you will be forever void. Let’s see the infinite sea.

This is not really the case with a lot of open world games, the world continues in Red Dead Redemption, but it hits you with an invisible wall, but for whatever reason Grand Theft Auto makes every city or state an island. , They let you leave the main part of the map but there is nothing else.

It’s honestly scary when you keep going, it’s like breaking the boundaries of the map, but, the game only lets you do what you want it to be limited to GTA games, but they are the biggest of all Open world games are also the time.

There are a few others with open ocean around the game world such as “Just Cause” but they are intentionally set on small island nations.

So it doesn’t really seem strange enough. Honestly it’s really a good thing. It’s only dumb when you start thinking too much about it.

It’s great that developers allow you to roam free on the map, even if it makes no sense.

You happily Rob them blind

Klepto Hero has a lot in any game where you collect items but it is particularly bad in open world games.

We all do this too and there is no point that you just walk into someone’s house and steal everything that no one has and then happily agrees with them for any search.

They want to give you as if there is no mention at all, which is made of blatant theft, they just give you their work and that is it or in some cases.

They are just some person and they are like “Hi how are you today, I am like I stole your stuff”.

This is actually noticeable in games like Witcher 3 where you can take a ton of goods from people’s homes, it cannot be considered theft at all.

It is mostly junk but who knows if you may need it or may be able to sell it.

This is especially fun in games like Skyrim where the open nature of the game lets you overcome all these silly tricks such as the old pot on head trick.

You just block the idea of ​​an NPC and you take whatever you want. Never mind, if you tried this in real life, don’t I know to remove the dishes from their heads, but they will always stand with one thing on their head, while you will gladly give them Will blind you.

It’s not really the most heroic thing to do, but the game doesn’t stop you and nobody cares about it.

Repopulated enemy base

You only clear one base to replenish it, you see it in “Assassin’s Creed” games, some distant games.

The worst of two is okay. It’s less dumb in a funny way and more dumb in a annoying way. You clean the enemy base slowly and carefully.

Then you leave and come back, perhaps to collect something you can remember only to find that the place is completely re-inhabited.

The most infamous example of this is Far Cry 2, which placed the map with checkpoints that if you wanted to go anywhere, you were basically forced to pass multiple times, and these checkpoints were constantly used to give you problems. New new soldiers will be meeting.

It’s like I’ve already cleaned up the place where these people came from, it’s especially annoying when it happens that feels like these bases are sometimes fast and in a way Will be replenished from.

It’s too annoying to deal with “Far Cry 2”, it’s hardly the only game that does “Assassin’s Creed” to “ghost” streak “break point”, “army of watchdogs” is basically any Ubisoft The game does.

This is not quite annoying to deal with in general, although it is useless to know that carefully destroying enemy bases is basically meaningless as they will regain it in an hour, not every open world game does that. And when they do this it is not always bad but it can be frustrating.

Killing innocent people

The heroes of the open world game don’t care about killing innocent people, they will rob the people they are trying to help the blind and they get the attention of a sparrows.

Sometimes hundreds of collectibles are fined in an open world game, it is easy to imagine your character as someone who is distracted by everything.

Now remember how one of the collectibles in “Assassin’s Creed 2” were Ezio-like wings that would stop their all-important time-consuming mass quest for revenge against the Templar.

To chase a few feathers around, cool fine normal even it’s really goofy when you think about it that Batman is actually taking the time to collect the Riddler trophies.

Surely there is a real reason for them to get them in-game, they help them catch the puzzle in many instances, but it is still a very strange fantasy that Batman is trying to solve the physics puzzle Or whatever is in the open world such as in the midst of a hostage situation.

Other games with equally pointless stuff also recall Playboy magazines in Mafia or Hell of the Hundred and Hundred of Korok Seeds in the Breath of the Wild, the whole enumeration thing that once destroyed the hyrule.

It may come back, but no, we need to find 900 Koroka seeds for you, knowing what a pointless reward it is to collect these things completely rubbish in basically any real world.

If you’re into it then it can be fun and relaxing but it really doesn’t make sense.

Escaping wanted levels

You know what we are talking about here, you wanted on level five, the police have pulled all the stops so that they can shoot you on site helicopters. Armed cars the government pulls in tanks, there is no stop. .

If these people want your end, you get out of the red circle and hide for a few seconds and everyone just leaves, they all go home and like to have dinner.

It does not matter how terrible your crimes were as long as you are out of that circle and wait a while for you to be completely freed from hell.

If you get caught or killed they basically let you go with a little swat on the wrist, pay some hospital fees, confiscate your weapons and you are good to go.

It is not just the gta game that does this kind of work either. It is basically every kind of open world game in which the red faction is like a gorilla with a desired system.

If you drive into a rebel base and you lose track of it then it seems like it would be a bad thing to bring the bad guys straight to your secret base, but no, you just drive up this hill and they do well. Huh.

He went up in the hills, so I guess we have to stop. I don’t want to go into the hills, though the thing is, if these manhunts were more realistic.

It will basically take away all the fun from the game, it’s fun to go on a rampage once in the GTA, but you don’t want to ruin your game forever by making it,

So the police is going to try to kill you on the site while you are driving here and there for the rest of the time.

This is one of those things that we all have to accept because otherwise the game wouldn’t really be as fun.

Teleporting cops

The teleporting police is the exact opposite of the previous dumb thing, when the police give up hunting you it can be dumb but when they find you immediately it is equally dumb.

We are talking about games that you do not go anywhere in an open field and by firing a gun someone can teleport behind you and start firing games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5. The most recent was Cyberpunk 2077, which barely even tried to hide, how would it teleport the police to your place when you commit a crime and who can forget the civilian nonsense from Skyrim.

The guards materialize through the door when you are caught trying to steal both of these things, but open world games are usually more fun while avoiding trouble.

This example more often is not only really annoying, it’s like giving us a little start.


Basically every open world game encourages exploration when the time just stops for you but many of their stories have a time limit or some kind of ticking clock.

When the story says that you need to do something right now it’s possible to waste hundreds of hours and it doesn’t matter that it’s in basically every single open world game, but it is especially popular in games like Marvel Spider-Man. It is worth noting.

Where Spidey is always in a hurry to deal with any new disaster coming to New York, so it really comes to the fore when he decides to take photos of random locations in New York or collect backpacks. Far Cry 5 tried to change things up a bit by making it so that story missions could stifle your progress and force you to play through them after you had done enough work in your area, but most people thought.

It was really annoying so at the end of the day it is one of those acceptable pauses from reality that exist to make the game perhaps a little less frustrating like imagine a game where you are constantly in the deadline.

It would be really stressful, okay so getting up dead does that but it’s a gimmick. I don’t know that I want every game to be like that, so it’s a kind of design that is sometimes annoying, sometimes liberating.

Get collectibles

When the protagonist has to do everything, many open world games start with basically nothing and force you to do everything, collect items, fill the map hunting for food crafts , Get everything your guns collectible.

This is especially dumb when the game takes place in a somewhat modern setting, such as why Assassin’s Creed characters need to uncover the London map.

You would think that they would know the general layout of London or like the Far Cry games where you need to hunt animals to upgrade your equipment like I like to make my wallet bigger or fallout. Why there is a need to kill a bunch of critters 4.

By the way, you are basically the only one who is largely responsible for protecting every agreement in the Commonwealth.

You need to equip them with weapons when needed and defend them from attackers and super mutants, basically the Minutemen are supposed to be a whole faction dedicated to defending people, but they are really just you Let’s call.

Whenever there is a problem with games like Assassin’s Creed Vallah, you basically have to make a pact in Ravenstorm, which is really the only reason you need someone else to help you raid and collect loot. To be found because you cannot open some doors and chests yourself otherwise.

It’s all you. Obviously this is an issue in any video game, it would be weird if you player doesn’t have a hand in making things up and moving this story, but some games go overboard with it and it’s’ believable. Would be if some other characters had some influence on things.

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