E3 2021 Gaming news that you will Socked after reading.

E3 2021 Gaming News

E3 2021 Gaming news that you will Socked after reading.

8. Final fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Xbox game is coming to a close, however, it has recently been announced that Final Fantasy 16 actually began development shortly after Shift 15 and according to various sources it is now set to leave while Sony Clearly got the exclusivity deal for FF16.

Its details are already up in the air The trailer featuring a PC release had to be removed Playstation Australia’s PS5 web store revealed.

It was actually a time exclusive and Square Enix had to tell Ignore that, ultimately, they had no further information about whether Final Fantasy 16 would be shown on platforms other than PS5.

The fact that Sony has opted out of this year’s show leaves the door wide open for the Xbox to release the PS5 for another timely special release on Game Pass, as well as nowhere else in Japan Ho because PS4 Sony itself is coming under fire for running their headquarters in the US and leaving the Japanese gamers by changing the OK button from circle to X. Trust me this is a big old deal. Xbox is reportedly trying to do something big instead. Is planning

According to rumours the plan involves directly targeting the Japanese market and a Hideo Kojima game is also in tow as to what better way to do it properly by everyone and with the Xbox system offering than with Final Fantasy 16 Splash is to be made.

7. Cyberpunk 2.0

CD Projekt Red Debut Cyberpunk 2.0, there are very few ways that CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk can overcome 2077.

Many people say that this is not a No Man’s Sky situation, the Halo Games disaster was high-profile, but it was an indie team of 13 people who were getting influenced by the marketing craze given to them by Sony.

It was not a great developer who was already dear to all the know-how and was doing nothing to stop it, even if cyberpunk was only done in the eyes of the gaming population or perhaps a way for CDPR to get their hands on it Ho.

They are working on the ship and that means an event where people are already looking excited, while E3 is not in person.

This year CDPR can either release or present at the time of the release of a major cyberpunk overhaul for the E3 weekend.

The PS5 has been talked about a lot, the series X upgrade tons of already leaked DLC and a big map or story extension almost certainly won’t, but I honestly don’t know what CDPR could do with cyberpunk Is, in addition to continuing with the hotfix and blog posts until they are fully gone.

6. Starfield

Bethesda shows the Starfield gameplay and confirms the Xbox exclusivity that you don’t throw $ 7.5 billion down and then sit on your hands at some point in the near future in which case E3 Microsoft is going to take advantage of its Bethesda purchase and This is probably going to be hilarious.

Then goes in their favor. We have already done a Bethesda blowout on Game Pass which now has many iconic titles with HDR resolution and frame rate boost but the real Head Turner will be a showcase at E3.

Here we should see some real Starfield gameplay another tees for The Elder Scrolls 6 and perhaps a Fallout 5 logo with the confirmed setting Phil Spencer danced around exclusivity by saying that everything with Bethesda on those platforms Will be available where the game pass is essentially present in the spell. Their future work Xbox and PC Exclusive is already on the Xbox as a brand with a world view and a ton of positive momentum supports them.

Why not capitalize on all of that with some Bethesda-based mind-blowing.

5. Bioshock 4

The full reveal of Bioshock 4 has been a long time, now you won’t even know that Bioshock 4 is a thing.

It was officially confirmed on a barely seen blog post and is not actually being starred by producer Ken Levine yet.

We are getting a new BioShock that has been developed by the new Studio Cloud Chamber and commences development in 2019.

Apparently 2020 devastated a ton of great studios, but by now the development team is believed to know what the story is going to be and what kind of gameplay features will be present.

We have a confirmation of 2019 and two proprietary reports are in active development keeping the game in mind, so why not pretend.

4. Nintendo 4k switch

Nintendo debuted the 4k switch with Metroid Prime 4.

Another thing that is widely detailed across the board, revealing technical specifications for workers on the production line, from Bloomberg, while saying it was coming this year, still officially unannounced Switch Pro Grant said That we don’t know the system’s official naming convention, but an infamous cage Nintendo repeatedly insists that their switch isn’t following up.

Why because they’ve got some major plans in store for both the 35th anniversary of Zelda and Metroid and what better place to show it all than E3.

I’m thinking a full Switch Pro Reveal plus an anniversary collection of Zelda titles including Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD, then a full disclosure of Metroid Prime 4, now running in 4k on the new system.

3. Metal Gear solid remake

The Metal Gear Solid remake is ps5 exclusive Now I have mentioned Sony sitting on this year’s show but scouring the internet.

They still seem to have received some seismic announcements for the E3 season, one of the things that just won’t die is the Metal Gear Solid remake and it’s high time we take a closer look at the blue dots of hell Precisely if the blue dot part of these leaks is also true on what is working, then recently we had solid and naked snake voice actor David Hayden, note that an insider friend told him that the remake was underway. And was back in late 2020 on a podcast by Moore. Law is Dead It has also been confirmed that the MGS remake by Blue Point was expected.

All of these various stories bear some semblance of truth as Metal Gear is one of the only major games of the late 90s that has yet to receive remake treatment.

It would obviously benefit from some extended scenes and a touch to those main mechanics and control scheme and honestly at this point.

I just want to know if this is true or not.

2. Xbox game pass on Nintendo switch

The Xbox game has passed on the Nintendo Switch for a while now with Nintendo and Xbox working together and closely.

It began when the pair joined forces in April 2021 to lampoon Sony for not allowing crossplay between consoles.

The Xbox headfill Spencer featured a Nintendo switch behind him during a livestream, which led to the known Lyca and Xbox era co-host Nick Baker saying that the cat was out of the bag on the pair working on something big and we Everyone will be listening more this fall, keeping in mind that the most prominent rumor always requires 10 megabytes per second to work like a charm on Android with Switch on Xbox’s cloud service.

Nintendo is already exploring streaming-based options to get big titles on its console controls, Resident Evil 7, Hitman 3 each seeking publishers independent companies to work out their titles, but strong player numbers have Confirmed that people would use their switch in this way with the game pass. Now being an app on your phone and Microsoft has been refining its streaming connection extensively since last September.

Finding interested partners to port the app remains to be seen.

1. GTA 6

Rockstar debuted a new IP for GTA 6. Rockstar is far from good, at least when it comes to wooing the public with new ideas.

The last of them was the new IP Bully of 2006 because LA Noir was something they saved and got to the finish line from Team Bondi. Red Dead Redemption came from Capcom’s Red Dead Revolver and started with Max Payne 3 Remedy.

When it comes to in-house Rockstar born titles we have to go back 15 years and in addition to the fact, they are largely porting the entire eighth generation to GTA 5 only on PS4 and Xbox One, then low-key. Divisive Red Dead is leaving redemption 2 in 2018.

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