Everything You Need to Know About Sony’s PS5 Pro?

PlayStation 5 pro

Everything You Need to Know About Sony’s PS5 Pro?

Despite the fans’ love for PlayStation 5 and its epic features, the announcement of the PS5 Pro seems like a dream come true. Some rumors on the internet indicate that the PS5 Pro may be launched sooner. So, we can expect PS5 Pro to be released in 2023 or early 2024. People are still confused about the rumors of the PS5 Pro launch date because Sony hasn’t released any official statements yet. 

What started the rumors? 

During TCL’s recent TV launch event, a reporter from the Polish tech site spotted a glimpse that mentioned the expected year for the launch of the Xbox S and X, as well as the PS5 Pro. Many speculations have surfaced on the internet since. However, we still cannot be certain about the rumor because the official announcement by Sony is still pending. Some people even believe that TCL made assumptions about the PS5 Pro’s release date based on trends. 

Other Possible Reasons 

The fact that Sony was unable to provide the most number of PS5 units to retailers caused havoc and shortages in the market. The shortage encouraged scammers, and they took advantage of people by promising the delivery of PS5 on fake websites. Some people resell bulk products in order to maximize profits, causing losses to manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers. It disturbs the supply chain. For the suppliers, it became a herculean task to supply AMD Zen 2 chips and GPUs required to build the console. These components play a significant role in the construction of PS5. Therefore, it would be exciting to see if Sony can come up with the appropriate resources to solve the problem with PS5 Pro. It is expected that Sony will launch a redesigned PS5 version that will eliminate the previous scarcity.

PS5 Pro’s approximate cost 

Due to the lack of any confirmations from Sony Interactive Entertainment, nobody can specify the exact pricing of the PS5 Pro console. However, if we compare pricing with earlier models, the PS4 when launched costs around $399. Three years later, the PS4 Pro was launched which cost $399. We can notice similar patterns here. The same can be said about PS5 Pro’s rate as it relates to PS5. When PS5 launched, the standard edition cost $499. 

In a nutshell, we can assume that the standard PS5 Pro version will have a similar price or even an affordable price. 

What can we expect from PS5 Pro? 

It will be incredible to witness Sony coming up with more compelling features with PS5 Pro as the PS5 has set the grounds very high. Although Sony did not yet give us any clue about the existence of the PS5 Pro, we can speculate about its specs from the TCL leak. Here’s what we can expect from PS5 Pro: 

  • 128-bit memory bus 
  • 1800MHz clock speed which can be increased to 2200MHz. 
  • 8GB memory 
  • 8K resolution at 120fps 

These capabilities are enough to make the PS5 Pro successful, and we cannot wait to hear the confirmation from Sony.

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