Fall Guys Acquired Top Position In Twitch Metrics Defeating The Fortnite

Fall Guys

Fall Guys Acquired Top Position In Twitch Metrics Defeating The Fortnite

Fall Guys is one of the largest and most popular and widely played games in the world that has generated buzz since its release. Everyone loves the intuitive controls and gameplay. During the round, players must compete with each other to win, and only one of them will win the crown. Its popularity was taken to a storm when famous gamers and influencers started uploading Livestream videos. Now, the news that Epic Games is offering free-to-play games has exploded the gaming platform and left fans wondering about the enhanced features. 

Let’s look at the twitch metrics:

Fall Guys crossed the records of viewership in July and stands at 412,019 views by beating GTA V, Apex Legends, and Fortnite as its viewership stands at 182,575 views. So, Fortnite acquired the number 20 position on the Twitch charts, which represents a tremendous difference compared to Fall Guys. It is believed to be a huge accomplishment for Fall Guys as they have taken over many popular games with these numbers. Also, the Fortnite and Fall Guys collab is believed to be partially responsible for this success. The new players in the game are competing with old players to reclaim the spot at Fall Guys they lost this month. 

The collab brings new rewards and features that are extremely enjoyable. Since the Fall Guys launch, many players have demanded the Fall Guy skin. To claim the Fall Guy skin, players have to keep playing and reach a certain level to unlock the ManCake skin. They will receive more exciting rewards throughout the completion of the game. However, players need to link their Fall Guys accounts with Epic Games in order to win rewards.

  • For 10 rounds: Spray
  • For 20 rounds: Emoticon
  • For 40 rounds: Picaxe
  • For 70 rounds: Backlink
  • For the final 100 rounds: Man Cake Skin

Plot and Background:

During the recently held Crown Clash, the Fortnite and Fall Guys collab was announced. Players need to complete all the challenges to earn rewards for free. Completion of 100 rounds will get you a significant Man Cake costume. In order to have the greatest chance of winning the Man Cake costume, you need to play every show. Play a live or custom show and score more rounds. The X-Treme Squad Show offers a higher chance of winning rounds but players can switch to the normal Squad Show if they’re not comfortable. 

This way, you will come close to finishing each round quickly. Players can even collaborate with their friends and make a team to win these rounds. It will make the game more fun and thrilling. 

Final Word

The possibilities of new thrilling costumes are still there and we can expect more fun features in the future. It is also the reason for the growth in viewership for Fall Guys in Twitch Metric. In the future, it will be exciting to see how Fall Guys’ number grows in comparison to other popular games like Fortnite. Can Fall Guys hold the higher position for a longer run?

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