As you know, that Assassin’s creed Valhalla game has a lot of mystery, wealth, and many side missions, it is a big game, so today we talk about a mystery Fly Agaric. You will find this mystery fly Agaric in Ledecestrescire and for its exact information, look in the map below, you will reach that location, after going there, you will see that there is a mushroom and if you go there and after eating it, some doors start to appear in front of which a strange sound comes.

Fly Agaric Mystery
Fly Agaric Mystery

You will see some seals fish along with those doors which will be seen moving around. Now you have to go to the right door one by one, as soon as you go through all the doors in the right order, after that this mystery will be solved and you will get experience point.

So let’s see how to solve this Fly Agaric mystery

The easiest way to do this is that if you look at the seals that you are seeing, then they go to the door one by one and stand on the side facing it, then if you are inside that door If you go, you will see that it is the right door. As soon as you go near the door, you will disappear from there and come back to the central location, after that you will see that the Seal fish is going again towards the other door.

You have to go inside that door and as soon as you go inside the door, you will come back to the place in the middle of the disappearance. Come round this process every time until you are able to go inside all the doors as soon as you are inside the whole door. Your mystery will be solved.

If you are having problems, then you watch the YouTube video below, it shows from beginning to end how to solve this mystery.

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