Fortnite’s Hint Towards Fortnite And Transformers Collaboration

Fortnite Transformers

Fortnite’s Hint Towards Fortnite And Transformers Collaboration

Fortnite’s social media post regarding the update has created quite a buzz. The post clearly states, ‘It’s Primetime’, and Fortnite only does that in case of collaborations. Previously, they collaborated with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Pac-Man, and Halo and wrote a Primetime as a hint. Fans are excited about brand-new collaborative projects that can be expected as a result. Due to this, the post cannot satisfy the fans’ huge expectations. There have been several theories all over the internet. 

According to one theory, Hasbro might collaborate with Transformers as it’s their 15th anniversary. Yes, it has been 15 years since Paramount Pictures’ Transformers hit the big screen for the first time and created havoc. The collab has the highest chance of working because the partners have healthy relationships.  

A leak that reveals the possible Fortnite and Transformers collaboration:

Many details about this possible collab were pointed out by Shiina, a Fortnite leaker. There is a photo that leaks the possibility of a collaboration between Fortnite and Transformers. On the map a structure is built that appears to be driven by transformers. If you know Transformers, its concept is cars that turn into robots with wheels, and a similar thing is spotted in the new viral leak. It gives a clear hint of an exciting collaboration.  

Epic Games has been teasing the possible crossover for some time now. Previously, the video game company featured many popular characters such as Doctor Strange, Galactus, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Indiana Jones. It sparked excitement and raised their expectations. This realm offers potential opportunities for more of these exciting collaborations featuring epic transformers. The prominent attention seeker in the whole scenario is a mysterious truck man with wheels. It grabbed the attention of many and left the fans to wonder if it was a transformer. Another eagle-eyed fan noticed a futuristic mech vehicle gearing up for its appearance. 

Epic Games and Hasbro collaborated in 2021 on a G.I. Joe content release for Fortnite. People have compared the leaked picture and the Transformer picture to find similarities. Some might shun the possibility of collaboration even after spotting Truckasaurus on the island, but it is clear this mammoth giant has some connection. It directly refers to Fortnite and Transformers union. 

What is the expectation regarding this collaboration:

  • The bulky skins will be given to the robots.
  • Many additional tools such as gliders, harvesting tools, back bling, etc., will be part of the game.
  • The sprays are likely to feature in the game as well.

Aside from the speculation, there has been no official announcement for this collaboration yet. In any case, the fan’s theory and expectations could be true, since they noted the possible transformer structure on the map. If all the assumptions are really true, then it will prove great news for fans. Also, if collaborating with Halo, a Transformers appearance wasn’t untrue, then neither should be this one. It would be devastating if all the theories made by fans are mere coincidences and companies had no plans of collaborating. 

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