Indie Studio Leaked PS VR2 Picture That Features Headset, Controllers, And Cable

Playstation VR2

Indie Studio Leaked PS VR2 Picture That Features Headset, Controllers, And Cable

The leaked image of PS VR2 shows sense controllers, wrist straps, and a couple of cables or standard earbuds. While it can be Sony’s marketing strategy to show off their latest Virtual Reality image, people can’t help but wonder. We can clearly see the missing bundles or cables from the image. The image was leaked from Indie studio.

Sony has not yet affirmed the cable length, but according to Reddit, it appears to be 4.4 meters. We can see the disappearance of the volume control box which indicates that the volume control can be attached to the headset. It is similar to PSVR. PS VR 2 will not include a breakout box this time. 

Real or Rumor

From the photo, it is visible that sense controllers will include wrist straps. The first cable may be designed for charging the sense controllers, however, it can be a USB cable or a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack. Some people are also assuming the cable to be standard earbuds. 

Since the photo is leaked on Twitter, the contemplations by PS fans are not ending. The assumptions regarding what we can expect from the latest version are endless. 

Indie Studio took the leaked picture down from Twitter. However, Reddit saved the picture and is still roaming on the internet. Also, the leaked image shows that PS VR 2’s color scheme is similar to PS5. 

Moreover, Bit Planet Games clarified the news by reposting that they will bring Ultrawings 2 to PSVR 2. According to other news, QA Studio Quantic Labs disagreed with the mismanagement accusations, and their concerns with Cyberpunk 2077 are still concealed. 


Speaking about the price of the PS VR 2, it is expected to cost around $400. It can fluctuate around $500 but will not be cheaper than $300. The headset will hit the market in the year 2023 after many delays. 

PS VR Versus PS VR 2:

PS VR: The very first model of PlayStations’ Virtual Reality was developed to provide an interactive entertainment experience. Below are some features of PS VR:

  •  It is equipped with a six-axis motion sensor and LED tracking.
  •  You can operate its features through the controller only. 
  •  PS VR’s field of view is 100 degrees.

PS VR 2: The upcoming version of PSVR is a sensation topic for gamers on the internet. Its features are going to be more advanced and impeccable. Let’s look at some of the features of PS VR2:

  •  It has an onboard camera that tracks inside-out.
  •  The number of sensors has increased.
  •  It has a six-axis motion sensor, 4 cameras, and an IR camera. 

Final Words

Although, the studio has confirmed the leaked image to be fake the speculations and expectations are still high. It is quite disappointing that after so much wait for PS VR 2, we got the revelation of a fake image. People across the platforms are concluding the features, price, and included products of PS VR 2. It will be exciting to witness the number of theories coming true or not!

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