Is Sony Trying To Improve Cloud Streaming With Its New Multi-GPU Patent?

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Is Sony Trying To Improve Cloud Streaming With Its New Multi-GPU Patent?

Sony has filed a provisional patent for the multi-GPU system. The updated patent includes improved streaming and graphics and also ensures finding all the games conveniently in one place. So, it is related to an improved graphic card and its performance. Earlier, Sony developed new patents to maximize the processing system and technology. 

Why the need for Multi-GPU patents? 

The internet is abuzz with discussion over Sony’s new patent that could be related to upcoming PlayStation models (i.e. PlayStation 5 Pro and PlayStation 6). The rumor began because of the multi-GPU concept. However, that’s not the case.

It is indeed difficult to answer with 100% certainty why it is designed, even if we look at the first patent and its geometry analysis. According to geometrical patterns, each GPU is assigned to a particular location on the screen. Multi-GPU frequency is capped at 2.23GHz, CPU frequency at 3.5GHz, and 10.3 Teraflops. Furthermore, it allows several pieces of hardware to render better Cloud performance.

Streaming System

In the multi-GPU streaming system, the tasks will be offloaded at different processing points. If reports are to be believed, Sony is trying to leverage NVIDIA’s graphics card to improve the Cloud system. Earlier, Sony submitted several patents which were referenced for multiple improvements in graphics cards. However, this patent includes machine learning algorithms. It will detect stream metadata in real-time and perform the necessary optimization. The process improves the performance of the stream on the board.

Also, the Multi-GPU patent is no different than Sony’s MMP processing system patch. In that approach, technology aspects were emphasized. However, this patent is required for multiple graphics processors to offload cloud computing across the stream metadata. A trained and intelligent machine learning model will be introduced to the stream to smoothly coordinate with data processing. It will ensure a faster speed. The performance will improve because the entire stream metadata is processing the content items rather than just the processor.

Multi-GPU technology

Sony might be using multi-GPU technology with its recent patented Helper Mode. Game streamers and viewers can interact during gameplay in a variety of ways with the Helper Mode. It is related to Sony’s other patent which ensured player behavior tracking.

The patents Sony adopted earlier are connected to multi-GPU and may hint at a larger picture. Multi-GPU patent can work as an alternative to the console’s hardware offerings. Therefore, there is a greater possibility of it doing more than just enhancing cloud streaming. The patent has a significant role in PlayStation consoles as well.

Final Word

Sony’s patent won’t replace dedicated hardware, according to some people, so it won’t improve cloud streaming. Nonetheless, Sony is not hiding the fact that it is working on the availability of the PS5. So, maybe the multi-GPU can offer cloud-based enhancements only.

The speculations around Sony’s multi-GPU streaming patent are never-ending. Is the goal to optimize cloud streaming or something else? We can figure them out based on the updates Sony makes to its technology in the future.

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