The video game industry is said to be the arena of ever-increasing games, consoles, and gaming technologies. Every day, the market is witnessing new video games as well as consoles designed with innovative technologies. These developments result in the variation in prices of video games and their corresponding consoles and peripherals. Microsoft is considered one of the major players in the production of video game consoles and peripherals, so there is nothing to wonder the price of the video game peripherals of the manufacturer also often experiences a price hike.

Microsoft helps video gamers substantially in advancing to the next level of their gaming experience with its high-speed and powerful products. One such product is the Xbox Series video game consoles, as Microsoft is committed to providing constant updates on all of its video game peripherals. The Xbox Series X gaming console of Microsoft features the greatest graphics processing power and a high-speed Xbox Velocity Architecture, offering a seamless gaming experience to players. Moreover, the Xbox Wireless Controller of this latest console offers a hassle-free gaming experience for players. The versatile design of the console makes it compatible with the accessories of Xbox 1, as well.

Price hike

With the Xbox Series S already on the table, Microsoft is going to increase the price of the Xbox Series X console in the Indian market. According to reliable sources, the Xbox Series X is going to be increased by 6% of its launched cost of Rs. 49,990. Thus, video gamers need to invest somewhere about Rs. 52,990 to get the new Xbox Series X. Although there is no explicit reason for the price hike of the console from Microsoft, it is believed that the price increase may be due to varying exchange rates of the Indian currency against the United States Dollar.

Microsoft announced a six percent price hike not only for its Xbox Series X console. The company also increased the price of its peripherals, which will be more than that of their previous price. The peripherals of Microsoft consoles, such as the Xbox Wireless Controller, which was available at Rs. 8,990, will now cost Rs. 5,390. Similarly, the price of the headset will now cost Rs. 9,490, which is more than its earlier cost of Rs. 8,990. However, the good news is that the price of the Xbox series X will remain unchanged still the stock exists, meaning until the newer version of the console is introduced. It should be noted that Microsoft has already increased the price of its Xbox Series S from Rs. 5,390 to Rs. 5,590. Additionally, both series of Xbox consoles can be purchased at a discounted price until the completion of their stock.

Final Word

In India, Microsoft has been marketing the Xbox Series X consoles through Reliance Digital and Flipkart as its retail partners. Both online resources have not yet changed the old price of the console, leaving buyers at stake. They are now unable to buy the new version of Xbox Series X online on these retail platforms. It is believed that the new price of the console will be tagged once its new price is featured on the channels.

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