For this Flyting challenge of Essexe, you have to reach the below given location. As soon as you reach there, you will see a big statue. A man will stand near that statue with whom you have to intract to that man. After that he will tell that if you want to challenge with the Lady Ellette.

Lady Ellette Colcestre (Essexe) - Flyting Location
Lady Ellette Colcestre (Essexe) – Flyting Location

As soon as your intract with a lady, As soon as you accept the challenge, he will tell you how many silver coins to bet. Small Bet (100), Medium bet (150), and Big Bet (200) batting amount.

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As soon as you have added the amount of the bet, then only after that, your Flyting challenge will start. To win it, watch the question and answer given below and you can win it comfortably so that you will win a Charisma point.

Question and Answer:

Lady Ellette: I have heard much about you and none of it good, You’ve the softness and brains of a sheep. My verses are known all across this great land…

Your Answer: For they put all who hear them to sleep.

Lady Ellette: O you think you’re so clever, I’m almost impressed, That you managed to blurt something out. Yet I’m worried our skills are too deeply mismatched…

Your Answer: I’ll defeat you and banish all doubt.

Lady Ellette: I should almost take pity on one so bereft, Of beauty, of wit, and of skill. But instead I’ll persist ’til you beg me to stop…

Your Answer: You’re exhausting, your words are but slop.

If you are having any difficulty, then watch the video below and you will understand everything as shown in this challenge.

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