With the introduction of the 2.8 update, PUBG Mobile has brought the anticipated Zombie’s Edge game mode, set in the eerie Miramarlivic map. This detailed guide will delve into vital strategies and tips to excel in Classic Mode during this update. Let us take a step-by-step journey through the zombie-themed locations and highlight the prominent weapon balance changes.

Exploring Zombie-Themed Locations

Aerolith Lab: The Hot Drop

Situated at the crux of the action, the Aerolith Lab offers players a haven of opportunities and challenges. In this location, you can find a respawn card strategically placed to aid players in their gaming strategy. Additionally, the area introduces a unique Night Mode ambiance, heightening the anticipation of intense battles. Notably, during custom room matches, players might find themselves facing zombies, presenting opportunities to acquire random loot.

The Aerolith: Power Unleashed

Dominating the event area is the monumental structure, the Aerolith. This massive rock harbors a countdown timer that governs its ability to absorb zombies, becoming increasingly powerful with each absorption. Once the timer concludes, players face the formidable Rage Berserker, a creature presenting the ultimate challenge in the game. Skillful players have the opportunity to trap this beast, unlocking valuable rewards including high-level loot and airdrop weapons. This segment of the game introduces two innovative items: the Mutation Gauntlets and the Mutation Blade, which are discussed in detail below.

Mutation Gauntlets and Mutation Blade

The Mutation Gauntlets transform your arms into potent weapons capable of delivering powerful blows to both zombies and opponents. They also possess an ultimate ability that allows for a charged smash attack, inflicting maximum damage. In contrast, the Mutation Blade equips players with a lethal blade arm that can conduct sweeping attacks against zombies. It also includes an ultimate Dash ability that facilitates rapid movement across the terrain, adding an element of surprise to your attacks.

Outpost Zones: Darkness and Challenges

Venturing further into the map, players will encounter Outpost Zones, where a darker ambiance and lurking zombies create a heightened sense of danger. At the heart of these zones lies the Zombie Boss, a significant adversary in the game. Overcoming this boss grants players access to high-level loot and the potential to acquire coveted Mutation items.

Maglev Hoverboard: A Unique Find

A notable addition in the Zombie’s Edge update is the Maglev Hoverboard, primarily found in the Aerolith Lab. This compact yet speedy vehicle is a prized possession, facilitating fast travel across the map, including water bodies. Its ability to perform jumps presents players with strategic advantages, such as accessing rooftops effortlessly.

Weapon Balance Changes

In an effort to maintain the game’s balance and enhance player experience, several weapon adjustments have been implemented in this update:

  • AUG Downgraded: The AUG has been transitioned from a dominant airdrop weapon to a regular ground loot item. This change is accompanied by a slight reduction in damage, from 43 to 41.
  • Famas Upgraded: The Famas now enjoys an elevated status as an airdrop weapon, boasting improved recoil control and handling, despite a minor reduction in damage to 39.
  • ACE32 Improvement: A subtle enhancement is noted in the ACE32, particularly regarding its horizontal recoil, which has been diminished to foster better accuracy.
  • Crossbow Attachment: Tactical Gunpowder Tool: This new addition to the weapons arsenal is found in the market, offering players an attachment that causes bolts to explode upon impact, paving the way for new tactical opportunities.


The Zombie’s Edge update in PUBG Mobile 2.8 offers a rich and dynamic gaming experience, with numerous features and adjustments that significantly alter the gameplay. As players navigate through new locations and adapt to weapon changes, mastering these elements becomes crucial to achieving success in Classic Mode. Implement the tips outlined in this guide to enhance your strategic approach and dominate the Miramarlivic battlegrounds with newfound confidence and skill. Gear up, strategize, and immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of PUBG Mobile’s Zombie’s Edge update.

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