As Nintendo enthusiasts keenly await official updates on the successor to the wildly popular Nintendo Switch, recent rumors seem to be feeding the anticipation further. A noted leaker has fueled speculations about the specifications of the potentially upcoming Nintendo Switch 2, giving fans a glimpse into what might power the next handheld gaming console by Nintendo. In this article, we shall delve deep into the leaked details surrounding the possible CPU and GPU configurations of the Nintendo Switch 2, drawing insights from various sources to present a detailed analysis.

Nvidia GPU: A Potential Game-Changer

According to recent leaks, spearheaded by a user by the name of Nerolipe, it seems that the Nintendo Switch 2 might house an Nvidia GPU, which could potentially elevate the gaming experience to match the quality of contemporary consoles like the PS5. This section unpacks the elements associated with this speculated feature.

During Gamescom 2023, the Switch 2 was reportedly previewed to a select group of developers in a closed-door event where it flaunted graphic qualities rivalling modern consoles. Notably, the device purportedly utilized DLLS 3.1 technology, hinting at the possibility of enabling ray-tracing capabilities. This Nvidia GPU is speculated to come with a substantial 12GB RAM, although the exact specifications of this feature remain undisclosed.

Further adding to the excitement, this GPU might be built on Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture, although on a scaled-down version. This setup could potentially integrate the same tensor cores that currently power the DLSS 3 Frame Generation on RTX 40-Series cards, promising a revolutionary graphical experience in future Nintendo games designed for the Switch 2.

MediaTek CPU: A Harmonious Combination with Nvidia GPU

The speculations surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2 also encompass the CPU that will pair with the powerful GPU discussed above. This part of the article explores the leaks pertaining to the MediaTek CPU specifications, as indicated by another credible source in the gaming community.

A leak from YouTube creator RedGamingTech provides further insights into the CPU aspects of the anticipated console. According to this source, the Switch 2 might be powered by a MediaTek CPU that houses a complex configuration of cores: 2x Cortex X4, 2x Cortex A720, and 4x Cortex A520.

Connecting this with the previously discussed GPU leaks, it seems that the Ada Lovelace-based Nvidia GPU might be complemented with 12GB of graphical memory. Early tests reportedly utilized a Tegra T239, incorporating 12 to 16 Ada-Lovelace-based streaming multiprocessors, indicating a formidable graphic processing capability.

However, it is prudent to approach these leaks with a grain of skepticism. The information is classified as low-confidence leaks, and the official confirmation from Nintendo is still pending. Therefore, the exact launch timeline and the finer details remain shrouded in uncertainty.


While the gaming community buzzes with speculation and anticipation, these leaks offer a tantalizing glimpse into what might be a significant upgrade from the original Nintendo Switch console. Despite the lack of official confirmation, these rumors paint a promising picture of the technological advancements that might be featured in the Nintendo Switch 2.

As we all eagerly wait for more concrete details to emerge, we invite you to share your perspectives and expectations about the potential Nintendo Switch 2 in the comments section below. Your insights will add valuable dimensions to this ongoing discussion in the gaming community.

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