You have to go to the location given below and Intract with Ove the Scarred and set the bet from which you have a Small Bet (100), Medium bet (150), and Big Bet (200) batting amount. You can use any of the bets from it. If you win, you will get the same amount and if you lose, the same silver coins will lose.

Ove the Scarred Quatford (Sciropescire) - Flyting Location
Ove the Scarred Quatford (Sciropescire) – Flyting Location

After you bet your flying challenge will start, after that you will be asked 3 questions whose answers are given below. If you give the answer of these three correctly, you will get the silver coin as you have invested in the bet.

Question and Answer:

Ove: I am feared by all men, be they Northern or Saxon.

Your Answer: And your thick little skull’s fit for grinding my axe on.

Ove: O, you think you can scare me? I am tougher than you!

Your Answer: Test your might against mine and we’ll see how you do.

Ove: Let’s dispense with these poems, and have a real row.

Your Answer: If it’s fighting you want, I shall take you on now.

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As soon as you answer these three questions, he speaks to fight with you. He does not believe that you have given the answers of the three correctly, so he says that if you want the money won, you have to fight me with him. As soon as you live after the fight he returns your shirt money. So as soon as you win the battle, you get a silver coin plus your charisma also increases which will help you in the forward side mission.

If you do not understand this, then watch the YouTube video below, you will understand it easily and you will be able to win the flyting challenge.

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