Playstation Plus January 2021 free games prediction for PS4 and PS5

playstation plus jan free games

Playstation Plus January 2021 free games prediction for PS4 and PS5

So as you know that the Month-end is about to come, so we all wait for PlayStation Plus free games.

As we know that the new year is coming, then we will give some good games with PlayStation to the people in happiness. So you all know that on the last Wednesday of the month, PlayStation launch free games.

This time PlayStation will announce free games at around 4.30 pm 30 December and you can download and play them on 5 January.

The free games of December which were announced by PlayStation were:

  1. Just Cause 4
  2. Rocket Arena
  3. Worms Rumble (PS5 Bonus)

The prediction of the free games of 2021 is in this way. I have chosen some games which can be free in January and they have given some reason why they can be free.

1. Dark Souls Remastered

This game is number one in the list of free games because it has not been in the sale as many times till now in the PlayStation Store, it has come very rarely and It is not even in the Holiday Sale this time. We can say that this game can be found in the month of January for free.

2. The Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon game is also not in sale and there is another reason for this because a new part is going to come, then maybe this game is available for free this month. When the ps5 was launched, its new part is also announced, so many people are quite waiting for it when the game is launched and when we play it, then maybe that old one The Horizon Zero Dawn game is included in the free game of the month of January.

3. The Uncharted Lost Legacy

The Uncharted Lost Legacy game is free as it was given a free Uncharted Collection in January of last year. Uncharted series is a Playstation exclusive, then it may be that it is in the New Year gift to give such free games.

4. MediEvil

MediEvil game has been seen in many sales of PlayStation Store, it may make the game free in January next month. Because there are many times that when the game comes in the sale many times, they free it.

5. A Way Out

This game may also be available for free in January because it is feeling inside me and it is not even in the sale this time, so we hope that we get this game for free in the month of January.

6. Far cry 5

As we know that the Far Cry 6 game is about to be launched in 2021, then maybe this time it is Far Cry 5 which we will get in the January free game. So as we know, no game of this series of Ubisoft has been found for free, then it is possible that we will get this game in this month of January.

7. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 game has been coming in many sales, but this time I am surprised that this time because if it did not come in the sale, then maybe this game is joining in the free game of the month of January, There are many chances that we can get this game for free. Recently it’s new Part ie. Watchdog legion was launched, so maybe we can get this game.

8. Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is also expected to be in the free game because it is not in this sale this time and the new part of it is going to come in 2021. If we get this game for free, then a lot of people will be excited because this game is very big, there are many ways in which we can assassin the target and many good details have been shown in this too. You, Will, enjoy it if you get it for free.

9. Mafia 2 Definitive Edition

This game was also running in the sale for quite some time, but this time it is not in the head and this is what it was recently launched, so maybe it is the game we can get in this free.

Well, this was one of our prediction, if you want to know which games are available for free, then you can see on December 30 in the PlayStation Store. A lot of people are excited about which games we will get free this time, and many times we are found in such games in which people get very angry like once we got goat simulator game in which people got very angry. So now let’s see what games are announced on December 30, if you have any game prediction, then tell us in the comment thank you.


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