The Essential Games for PlayStation Plus August is available to download for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. Playstation 5 owners can access ps4 titles via backward compatibility

Yakuza like a dragon

Yakuza Like a Dragon breaks down from the saga of beloved cult RPG series mainstay Kazuma Kiryu to focus on a new story Our new hero Ichiban Kasuka is on the hunt for justice. After spending 18 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit you’ll recruit other outcasts to help Ichiban on his journey.
A hero isn’t the only thing new about the Leica Dragon, although combat is now turn-based.
You can use items you find on the battlefield like bicycle signs and umbrellas to help send your rivals packing.

Story Do you want to play the classic Sega game in Yokohama’s arcade or just try a little bit of go-karting.
When the quest for justice is put on hold to meet Ichiban and the gang, there’s plenty to keep you busy.
When Jacob Like a Dragon becomes available to all PlayStation Plus members starting August 2.

Tony hawk’s pro skater

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 is ready This meticulously detailed remake brings the skateboarding action of the PS1 classics into the modern era with 4K and 60fps.
It captures the feel of an OG game whether it’s gliding your way through downhill jams or completing your lines in a giant school.

It’s not all about nostalgia, though the remake now has online multiplayer as well as local multiplayer so you can either stay with your teammates at home or
Take some of the world’s best borders online.
Most importantly, Superman is still on the same track as that. Get ready to nail the 900 when Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 2 arrives for all PlayStation Plus members starting August 2.

Little nightmares

We have terrifying horror platformer Tiny Nightmare in this dark tale in which a young girl named Sixx must make her way through the ominous, ship that has some of the most terrifying sights you can imagine, whether it’s a janitor with long arms or the horrors of ships.

The story of Kitchen Six is ​​about reducing your own nightmares, though first of all there are plenty of reasons to brave them more. The Tim Burton-esque art style gives it a look like no other game and adds to the sense of unease from the monsters lurking in the shadows. Then as you try to figure out how to dodge, you have clever puzzles adding to the tension. The ship’s occupants turn off the lights and get ready to panic when little nightmares haunt PS Plus members since August 2.

Final Word

Playstation Plus Essentials Extras and Premium members will be able to download and play Jacobs Like a Dragon Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 and 2 and Little Nightmares starting August 2. As long as you remain a Plus member ps5 owner, these games are for you. Playstation Plus Essentials members can upgrade to the Extra and Premium tiers.