In a pivotal move that promises to reshape the gaming scene in India, the revered Bollywood figure, Ranveer Singh, has collaborated with Krafton India, fostering the continuous growth of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). This partnership intends to blend Singh’s vibrant energy with the exhilarating universe of BGMI, marking a new dawn for gaming entertainment in the country. Here we delve into the details of this significant collaboration and what it entails for the gaming community.

An Exemplary Collaboration

The collaboration between Singh and Krafton India is not just a partnership but a vibrant journey towards nurturing a lively gaming community. This association aims to amalgamate the dynamism Ranveer Singh embodies with the spirited nature of gaming, essentially creating a harmonious blend of entertainment and engagement in the gaming sector. It seeks to tap into the allure Singh carries and the engrossing experiences BGMI brings to the table, thereby fostering a space where individuals can immerse themselves wholly into the gaming world.

‘Play Pure’ Campaign: A Central Pillar

A significant aspect of this collaboration is the introduction of the ‘Play Pure’ campaign. This initiative embodies the sincere nature of players, crafting an environment where individuals can showcase bravery and authenticity in the battlegrounds. Through Ranveer Singh’s perspective, the campaign aims to celebrate the genuine spirit and the camaraderie within the gaming community, promising a slew of fascinating experiences for gaming enthusiasts nationwide.

Statements from the Key Players

Sean Hyunil Sohn, the Chief Executive Officer at Krafton India, expressed immense enthusiasm about the promising partnership. According to him, Ranveer Singh’s vibrant personality and steadfast spirit resonate well with the core essence of BGMI. He emphasized the company’s dedication to designing captivating and immersive experiences for its audience. Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh shared his excitement, stating that the unity and collective spirit prevalent in the gaming world deeply resonate with him. He is keen on cultivating a platform that bridges individuals from diverse backgrounds, connecting them through a shared love for gaming, thereby establishing BGMI as a significant cultural entity in India.

Anticipation for a New Gaming Era

Following the prohibition of PUBG Mobile, BGMI swiftly emerged as a dominant player in the Indian gaming sphere. The government’s approval to reintroduce BGMI, with certain alterations, has facilitated its rapid ascent as a mainstay in the Indian gaming industry, garnering the attention of millions of enthusiastic gamers across the country. As we stand at the threshold of a gaming revolution in India, the anticipation escalates for the transformative adventures this collaboration is set to unveil. It indicates a prosperous journey ahead, filled with creativity, passion, and innovative engagements in the dynamic world of gaming.


As India braces itself for a revolution in the gaming sector, this collaboration between Ranveer Singh and Krafton India marks a significant milestone. It is not just a partnership but a promising journey towards fostering a rich and vibrant gaming community in India. Stay tuned, as we continue to explore this exciting alliance that promises to bring forth groundbreaking developments in the ever-evolving landscape of gaming.

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