Samsung Gaming Hub has been launched and can play Xbox games

Samsung Gaming Hub

Samsung Gaming Hub has been launched and can play Xbox games

We all know how fast the gaming industry is growing. Due to the very realistic-looking graphics, people are turning towards gaming very fast. The gaming industry has grown very rapidly. The competition that is highest nowadays is between gaming consoles. Everybody wants a gaming console to do something like this. Which makes their console sell faster. For this, they have also revamped his subscription plans and bought a gaming company, So that they could launch the games only of his console. As you all know, very soon Microsoft bought Activision by paying very heavy money.

The next step for Xbox is an app for gaming TVs. For this, They have done this work in collaboration with Samsung, you can play Xbox games on your Samsung TV, that too without an Xbox console. To play Xbox games on a Samsung tv, you just need an Xbox gaming controller and Xbox game pass.

If we talk about Xbox Game Pass, then you have to take “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate”. You can take a monthly subscription. In addition to getting Xbox Game Pass, you will also need a controller. You can play games by connecting it with your Samsung TV. In this, you will get all the game libraries of Xbox games. You can play all those games without downloading.

How does this work?

As we all know, Google launched the Google Stadia service by streaming online games.

You could play the game by subscribing to Google Stadia, without any console.

All you need is a controller of Google Stadia. That’s exactly what Samsung TVs have done.

Let us know how this works. All the games in the game stream service are cloud-based, and you can play them. One advantage of a game streaming service is that you do not need a console, and there is no need to download the games you want to play. They are streamed directly to your device via the Internet. You must have a very high internet speed to play games with the Game Stream service. Because all these games come to your device through cloud-based streaming. If the internet speed is not good then your game will take a lot and you will not be able to play the game properly.

What are its advantages?

There are many advantages of cloud-based gaming, you do not need any console. All you need is a subscription and a good internet connection. The biggest advantage is that you will not need to download the game. This means that you do not need to take the tension of memory. Samsung Gaming Hub has started a new era. According to me, there will be more demand for cloud base games in the coming time.

Streaming Service in Samsung Gaming Hug

You can install the Samsung Gaming Hub app on all Samsung Smart TV models of 2022. Samsung has not only brought the Xbox gaming service to this app, but Other game streaming services have also been included in the app such as Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik. Samsung has also said that it will soon add the Amazon Luna service to it. One more feature added in Samsung Hub, in which you will be helped in any game-related. The name of this service is “Expertly doing recommendations”. In Samsung Hub, you are also getting video streaming services such as YouTube and TwitchTV.

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