Should you buy the Battle Pass of Call of Duty game.

Call of duty cold war battle pass

Should you buy the Battle Pass of Call of Duty game.

The Call of Duty game is very well liked among the people. Its multiplier feature is very much liked. In this, you can enjoy many maps and games. Recently the Call of Duty Black Ops game has been launched. It has many maps and game types. Nuke Town Map has also been brought in it. Which has been liked a lot.

Now let’s talk about the Battle Pass.

As you play the game, you get the XP. As you grow a bit, you get some rewards, some are free and some paid. These records can be of many ways such as Token, Skin, Gun Blueprint or Character. Those levels of experience are called tier. As soon as you pass a new tier, you get the rewads. Some rewards are free and some are not free, which are free, you get them easily and to get those which are not free, you have to buy a battle pass.

If you are thinking of buying a battle pass, then you will get it around 800+ INR. For ₹ 800 you will get 1000 CP. You can buy the Battle Pass from Call of Duty Points.

Now this question will be coming in your mind, do we have to buy this battle pass every season? So let me tell you that if you play this game regularly, then you will not need to buy Battle Pass every season. As soon as you buy the button pass of the first season, after that as you play games, your experience increases and your tier level increases. In which you get the battle points in 11 tires, which if we add, they become 1000 CP so that you can use it in the new season next time. So this means that if you have bought the Battle Pass once, then you will not need to buy the Battle Pass in the new season the next time. You can buy the Battle Pass in the next season only from the points earned from the previous Battle Pass.

Benefits of buying a battle pass:

By the way, there is no use of buying a battle pass, there is no new improvement in your game play, just like you were playing the day before, you will play now. The only advantage is that you get a new skin, you get a new gun and you get a new character. Can use your skin and character to show off.

You are in confusion whether we should buy battle pass or not, you would have got the answer.

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