Stray review: The game You play as a cat


Stray review: The game You play as a cat

Stray is not a mutated sci-fi cat, not some kind of sentient super cat just a normal cute cat. We all love to pretend our own cats aren’t working when we’re not surprised at the simplicity of that concept. The fact that you’re a cat doesn’t really matter that much to artificial people. You interact with the robotic denizens of this cyberpunk world or usually talk to you about what they ask you to do. The only way for it to be really relevant to the story or action is when you can fit in tight spaces. It has made you a cat, the look of your cat brings a lovely and light taste to this otherwise dark world.

There are moments throughout that encourage you to set aside your responsibilities and just play up walls and carpets that can be scratched on feet that can be rubbed with love Objects can be ruthlessly pushed forward and there’s a dedicated meow button.

Soundtrack and visuals

You can also find quiet places to curl up and take a nap. Let the camera out and give you a moment to enjoy a well-staged scene together. The impressive lyrics in Awaara’s quintessential futuristic soundtrack It’s a Wonderfully Rich World. Learning more about your cat’s own story is a very simple story of a lost adventurer trying to get home. The struggle you stumble upon is very well told in the beautifully designed city. You’ll have to make your way through without feeling full of pessimistic history to learn and chat with fascinating robot citizens. Nice to see you see what their computer screen faces display whenever I meow.

Gameplay story

When you’re not sleeping upright on a pillow that typically puts you in one of two types of positions, you’ll be going through fairly linear levels of either. Filled with entertaining platforming challenges and some light puzzle solving or exploring one of its more open city areas. Where you will talk to friendly robots and collect items for them to complete tasks. On the other hand, the later sections move directly into a point-and-click adventure game in the genre Morris, except in which case your pointer is a cat in any case. As a cat, it’s not always as fluid as I’d hoped.

STRAY PS4 Walkthrough Gameplay


It’s fun to screw air conditioners to the sides of buildings or walk along railings but you don’t really have a dedicated jump button to do it. You can press a button to automatically go to predefined interaction locations when prompted. This means that the only difficulty associated with any platforming is to create the right conditions to get to the place you want. Once you do you don’t always run with the agility of a cat, although it is partially. The drawback of the movement is the animations themselves which can be particularly harsh at times but the more linear sections are still quite enjoyable.

Gameplay hours

At the end of five hours, it took me to beat the vagabond by constantly introducing new ideas and environments. There are exciting chase scenes as you run away from mutated creatures called zerks. Stealth sections in which you evade security drones and puzzles. Where you might have to lure the enemy ai to your advantage not all of these ideas are as successful as others. The weakest of them gives you a weapon to kill the jerk that quickly turns those first tense encounters into a pattern of killing a few and then running backward.

Exploring and storyline

Exploring smaller towns among the more linear sections is a lot of fun with each area, even from a four-legged perspective. Sporting a surprisingly dense layout full of nooks and crannies for snuggling around and great use of vertical space. The main quest will send you running on them automatically. There are also lots of optional collectibles and quest lines that I enjoyed. Track the combination of one hidden vault in classic adventure game fashion, while the other has you collecting sheet music for the musician bot to playback.

Final Word

There is so much to discover and few collectibles are hidden enough. There is definitely at least more than 5 hours of stuff to do. The robots you meet are more than enough for limited conversationalists. Its mix of simple platforming and puzzles with item hunting quests is very well balanced.

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