The New Sega Mini Console Is Launched, But Is It Worth Buying?

Sega Mini Console

The New Sega Mini Console Is Launched, But Is It Worth Buying?

In terms of profitability, the company’s strategy to create nostalgia with its gaming consoles and adopt a classic design with a modern touch has been the most successful. It was first noticed through Nintendo, which adopted a similar approach. Similarly, the Sega Mini console gained popularity because of its retro touch in its design and content. They created the best version of miniature consoles that hit the mark on the market.

Console Design

The selection of games is appreciated by everyone and both kids and adults love them. It is simple to use and comes with a comprehensive collection of games in the library. This console’s hardware looks exactly like the one we saw decades ago. Also, the designers have created elements to give the device a retro look, but in reality, they do not do anything, such as cartridge flaps, expansion ports, and volume dials.  

Available Games

New Sega Mini Consoles are again inspired by retro design and come with 42 interesting, entertaining, and high-quality games. It is equipped with an interactive user interface that is enhanced by catchy menu music. They have ensured to keep the concept of traditional games present in this one. New Sega Mini’s controllers look impressive and deserve full marks. They work perfectly with all the 42 games on the console. However, some people might have difficulty operating these controllers with games like Street Fighter 2 and Eternal Champions.

Software UI

As soon as you open the main Genesis page, the first thing you notice is the catchy UI and presentation. The background music is joyful and is composed by Yuzo Koshiro. All the games are arranged alphabetically. You also have the option to arrange them by release date, genre, and the number of players. 


The aspect ratio of the games is customizable. You can choose between a 16:9 or 4:3 ratio. However, one drawback is that some might feel there is no customization for pixel-perfect. You can play with a CRT filter that makes games a little darker. The previous version of Sega Mini had disappointed some people as it had a limited collection of games. Thankfully, this time they have focused on quantity while keeping quality intact.

Classic Games

It allows people to discover more adventurous classic games like Sonic Shining, Forest Toejam, Earl and Eco, and Dolphin M2. Another genesis version of Tetris is included in the consoles that keep you amused. You can spend more than 100 hours playing games on the consoles.

More thrilling games are on the way for the new Sega Mini console. Fans can expect more classic and exhilarating games in the future. 

Is it worth buying?

  • The Sonic games have a few glitches that you might experience. 
  • Some emulations might seem laggy and irritating. 
  • The updated version of the Tetris game is not worth playing and is skippable.

All these factors are avoidable and are not the point of concern. However, the overall experience of the all-new Sega Mini console is not disappointing. Undoubtedly, the lineup of games is thrilling and nostalgic, so, the New Sega Mini console is worth buying.

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