Top 25 new action games of 2021 that you must play

Top 25 new action games of 2021

Top 25 new action games of 2021 that you must play

We are entering 2021, but there are so many great action games to look forward to.

There are a lot of action games before the 25 new action games start as a quick note in 2021 which is likely to come in the fall of 2021 which has not been announced yet, so keep that in mind but this is a very comprehensive list is.

25. Samurai warriors 5

The latest in the Warriors franchise is a re-imagining of its Samurai version, but we’ll keep all the gameplay flourishing.

We have all come to expect this from the series, they are really going to limit the scope of the story to a very specific time period, the events leading up to the Hanoji event in the Sengoku period.

It’s been a while since the Samurai Warriors game unfolded, so it’s good that they’re going to freshen it up and try a few different angles, but let’s also keep in mind that when they opened an open with Dynasty Warriors If the world tried, what happened was 9 ‘It is very much expected that the Samurai Warrior is coming down on 5 June.

24. Necromunda: Hired Gun

An indie FPS set in the most infamous Hive city of Warhammer 40k is now not only a very interesting looking setting with many different things like lava fountains.

It also has some very intense weaponry and customization capabilities and a lot of upgrade capabilities.

It looks like a very different looking game in terms of style and is one I am definitely going to play when it arrives on June 1st.

23. Naraka blade point

Which is a 40 player Battle Royal based on a lot of different types of weapons, but they are actually willing to sell it on swords.

The two big things going on in this game are the parkour and the grappling hook and the dynamics that we have seen in the various footage of the game, which definitely makes it unique.

Now we don’t have a release date yet, but this is a really promising looking game and when it hits it we’ll try Narca Bladepoint.

22. The Ascent

A cyberpunk action RPG in a city controlled by a large corporation called The Ascent Group collapses mysteriously and the city basically plunges into total chaos.

It is a twin-stick shooter played from a top-down perspective that is at least a novel perspective to take on a cyberpunk game.

We are putting beauty on the surface. It looks like an interesting game, I think it has the most potential as a co-op, but we’ll see if we don’t have a specific date for it, but it is going down sometime this year .

21. V Rising

A massively multi-player vampire hunting and settler game in which you are exploring and subduing a vast open world with the intention of becoming the next Dracula, you are basically building a vampire colony that you Are leading

You can have friends with you. You can play on your own. It looks like an interesting game.

It is played from a top-down perspective, has very stylish looking graphics, honestly it can be really interesting that We Rising has no date, but it is landing sometime in 2021.

20. Warhammer 40K Darktide

A new kind of four player co-op dropped the 4 Dead style games, except for the Vermintide scramble battle style, which I think is going to be a pretty good combination eventually.

You and three friends choose a class that optimizes your skill set against hordes of different battle enemies and it’s great to finally progress through the battle of Vermintide 2, a very interesting game.

We talked a lot about it a few years ago when it came out and frankly I think it would be quite good in a game of this genre.

It doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll definitely be looking for a Warhammer 40k Darktide.

19. Scarlet nexus

An action RPG coming from Bandai Namco is a game where combat centers around melee attacks and also uses psychokinesis, so you’re probably going to do physics stuff during combat, which is good.

You can upgrade those various abilities through the skill tree. I think it can be very interesting to throw objects at people in battle and I think if it really stays the way it sounds it can and it just can’t be like a button masher A really interesting game genre is the Scarlet Nexus taking off on June 25th.

18. Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

A third-person action RPG previously known for live lock which is an interesting twin stick shooter set in the Ice Windell arena and seems to be a straightforward action RPG along the lines of Diablo.

It is set after the Crystal Shard where it is housed in lore and it is dungeons and dragons, I mean a lot of the best video games from that franchise come out on June 22nd.

17. Tales of Arise

The latest RPG in the Tales series, it’s probably going to build on everything you know about the previous game, which is basically how this series of games are going, but it’s always been great too.

I’m not saying it’s just another storytelling game to say like oh, whenever they develop on top of the linear motion combat system they knock it out of the park and obviously the graphics are absolutely beautiful.

16. Atomic heart

Which is kind of looking like a soviet bioshock, it does build on some of the more action rpg oriented elements though in that there’s a crafting system there’s various upgrades and it seems like it really leans into that aspect but also you can definitely see the bioshock formula.

It’s interesting because you can kind of see these weird makeshift weapons as well as these techno-organic powers it’s also a really cool setting.

It’s alternate reality 1955 USSR and you play a mentally unstable KGB agent investigating a manufacturing facility.

We do not have a date for atomic heart yet but this is one that I am extremely interested in and will have to play it’s landing sometime later in the year.

15. Back 4 Blood

A new Left 4 Dead style game from the original creators of Left 4 Dead This is basically what happened when Turtle rocked the developers of the original game split from Valve and over time re-established itself as an independent studio have done.

There is not much to say about it, other than that it is a new save for the dead game that everyone has really wanted for a long time.

It’s not called left 4 dead, but you know what it is i will be playing.

It you’ll be playing it it’ll be lots of fun, It’s landing on october 12th.

14. Evil West

A solo or co-op third person shooter in which you will be fighting vampire monsters in the old west and now why you probably won’t miss the trailer of this game.

This Cowboy is shooting all these vampire types of action sequences, it’s a really cool cool look, but it doesn’t really show what we’re getting with the game.

The developers portray the fight as stylized lightning paced and gore and the game itself is a story-driven campaign.

I think it has potential. I want to see how it plays. We do not have a date yet but there are possibilities.

13. Chivalry 2

The first-person slasher for multiplayer chivalry 2 is a game that brings us back to a fantastic multiplayer hack and slash brawl type medieval chaos-a-thon.

I do not want to go into detail about the original game because it is a beloved game, many people know that it is multiplayer hack and slash for medieval stuff and all intents and purposes.

It is that, along with much more customization options and way better graphics Chivalry 2 is coming out on 8 June.

12. Deathloop

The latest game from Arcane Studios, which looks like a fast-paced build on the ideas we saw in the dishonest series, which is based in a more futuristic setting in which you are going through a killer one death.

Where you are fighting against another assassin as well as performing various dishonest style assassination missions given.

It doesn’t look like we’re going to get another infamy at least for a while, it’s basically what I want to see out of the mysterious, it has a great aesthetic kind of look like a ’70s exploitation film, it seems Is that I think it brings something unique enough to appeal to someone who would like to play more disrespectfully.

I am excited for the game to be held on 14 September.

11. Far Cry 6

The game is based on a fictional Caribbean island dictatorship based on Cuba. This is something we should all inquire into, this will obviously be the biggest Far Cry open world ever created by him.

Which is good and the game has been in development for four years. This may actually be a bit more interesting than the previous Far Cry because they were actually getting them out of there for a while, we all basically know what to expect from these games. So I hope they are able to build on this in a way that is not only iterative but brings something new to the table and it is going to be a hit sometime later in the year.

10. Bright Memory Infinite

There is a new action FPS where you are shooting in a futuristic metropolis with lots of skills and abilities in which the two worlds are dimensionally connected and you basically have to go through all of this.

What we have seen in the game is a lot of different traversal options, it is very fast paced in which you are going to use a combination of guns and swords and you are going to see a combination like city and rural Japanese countryside.

This is a really interesting looking game with a female protagonist that we don’t have a release date yet, but it is definitely an interesting looking game.

9. Severed steel

A fast-paced fluid stunt-based single-player FPS with devastating environments like Bullet Time and in every possible way clearly. In some ways it reminds me of John Wick but in others like environmental destruction brings a completely different element. is.

This is a highly stylized looking game and frankly it seems like it can take you a ton of time just to do a stunt.

We do not have a specific date for this but it is coming sometime in 2021.

8. Monster Hunter Rise

Which is slightly different on the formula of the monster hunter world, which builds on a kind of verticality that was not necessary and introduces a lot of tricks which is another primary difference, especially between the rise and the world that the rise moves on the resident Is rogue engine and for all intents and purposes.

I think there might be a more interesting game than the world, it’s a little bit of graphics from the monster hunter world because it’s a switch game but I’ve enjoyed myself a bit more than the world, it came back in March This is a very good game.

7. No More Heroes 3

An action adventure hack and slash satirical goofy comic book type game that continues the Mainline No More Hero series.

If you are familiar then it is nine years later and two years later Travis strikes again and this is actually the first open world version of this series as the first game no more heroes are hitting the Nintendo Switch on August 3rd of the 24th.

6. Dying Light 2

A game that was delayed a while ago and always looked interesting because they have attempted such a different narrative structure.

Where options are believed to have a huge impact on what is available, what you can do, what path you have to adopt, but the original Dying Light also improves on parkour and enemies.

This is the kind that we have talked about for some time and if the promises they have made about the game, they work.

If that’s what we get, it’s going to be a great game, it’s really a matter of fact that if it stays up for publicity then we don’t have a date for it yet, but it’s supposed to be this year are looking.

5. Biomutant

An open world game with some hacks and slashes and exploration elements in which you have created a little mutant crater where all your physical appearance actually changes the abilities and stats of the small crater. This is also a game we talked about. Really long time.

It is constantly delayed and always looks like it holds a lot of promise but then when it gets closer to release time they always delay it again.

This month is actually kicking off on May 25, so it looks like it is actually happening because it is so close to that date, so let’s get our fingers crossed to get back to this.

4. The Day Before

A game we talked about long ago in our video, this is a game that looks like something between the split and the last of us.

This is interesting because the world is really very rich about a lot of different stuff, online PPV and co-op is also in many ways.

This can be a really interesting game because a lot of the opposite of division is derived from the last of us, so setting it in a partition like setting.

It’s interesting that it looks like it might be something different, we don’t have a date for it but it’s coming soon.

3. Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Which not only looks like a great new entry for Ratchet and Clank, but also serves as a huge technical demo for Playstation 5 and its ssd quick loading allows for some amazing teleportation content, but such This seems to be just a solid entry apart from the game. After the remake of the original Ratchet and Clank, he was clearly set to proceed. This is a very good looking version of the game and they have a shaft and clank rift separate which is coming on 11 June.

2. Halo Infinite

The killer app needed for the new Xbox Halo Infiniti follows the story of Master Chief after Halo 5 Guardians and it’s been a while, so I’m personally getting ready for it, it seems they are doing a lot Are trying do evokes halo 2 and 3 in terms of design.

This is a new halo game, most people are excited for the new halo game.

It is expected to come sometime in the second half of the year, but I will expect a holiday later.

1. Horizon Forbidden West Zero Dawn

There is such a good open world game and everything about the Forbidden West just looks like a big boom of the East.

We see stuff like San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in a state of decay because this stuff happens so far in the future, people have no idea what it is and it’s still fighting robotic dinosaurs.

Anyway that lures you into the horizon, yes the story is clearly exploring more about the old world and your character is all about the lineage.

It looks amazing that it is taking off sometime later in the year.

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