Top 35 games coming in the year 2021, which people are eagerly waiting for.

Top 35 games

Top 35 games coming in the year 2021, which people are eagerly waiting for.

Today we have brought a big one for you PC gamers. These are the top 35 games to come on PC during 2021. We’re really noticing that there’s a lot so we have to move on, but games like Overwatch 2 Diablo 4 and Hogwarts Legacy are delayed until 2022, to name just a few.

Still we got a lot so let’s get started off

35. The day before

This is a very interesting hybrid style game where at first glance it looks like a split but they add some zombies and some MMO elements and everything you have is an ambitious recipe to do something really cool.

The developers are coming forward, they have shown us a lot of gameplay, we have seen the competition which we have seen working with others.

Players we’ve seen fighting zombies, we’ve seen looting in an open environment, and it’s kind of random, like why we didn’t get a lot of MMO games like this before.

The gameplay trailer made a big splash, so we are watching it and we hope that it will be released this year.

34. Manor Lords

This is a medieval strategy game for PC that I know many PC gamers really love but it definitely consists of massive tactical battles on a large scale

But there are also elements of city building, so it is a very good creative marriage of the two concepts that have been proven to make PC gamers love very realistic medieval precision battles.

The strategy that comes with it but mixed with the strategy that comes with building a colony then a city then a city which can be a really addictive recipe.

If you ask me if it is going to release early this year and we are excited to see what happens.

33. Outriders

Another type of third-person shooter action-focused next-generation game that was pushed forward but now we know we’re about to watch.

It is in 2021 and will have a home on PC as well as the next gen console and it seems interesting that it is from developers that people can fly.

He has a track record of making Bullet Storm great shooters, which is still one of my all-time favorites and this one though it seems normal at a glance.

The more you watch the gameplay, the more abilities that the characters have and just third-person action.

It stands out. We are hoping that the fact that this game gets a little more time in the oven is just going to make it even more special.

It is currently expected to be released on Steam on 1 April 2021.

32. Lego star wars the skywalker saga

The Lego Star Wars Skywalker saga that looks like it could potentially be the definitive Lego Star Wars game.

This thing is going to cover a lot of Star Wars films, with a big new emphasis on just big action moments, the cinematic stuff comedy is truly stunning visuals.

Lego games have always amazed me like this and it seems that they are probably only trying to capitalize on the amount of love.

There is certainly apathy out there for the Lego Star Wars series, but I look forward to seeing if this new gameplay department can really make it back and just be a ton of fun early previews and press that will be on your hands. Have achieved on.

It has said good things about it, it has been pushed forward and has been delayed a lot, but we are hoping to investigate it this year.

31. Humankind

Designed as a historical strategy game that looks downright beautiful, it is being published by Sega and developed by Dimension Studios.

The people behind the endless space and it almost looks like something that can compete with civilization but brings out some new and exciting ideas.

It has a slightly different nature, it has a different vibe and if you ask me as someone who loves civilization.

I would love to see that the big video game franchise challenged by a little boy here emphasizing history and changing it and cultures and molding them together to make them look like their new custom thing And I’m excited to see where he can go in the gameplay department right now as mankind is scheduled for April 2021.

30. Chivalry 2

If you like being a medieval friend and like to lay siege to the castle and kill people with swords and bikes and axes, then Chivalry 2 looks really good.

The action and their descriptions only give you a film-like feel of high-quality cinematic medieval brutal battles, it’s first-person and multiplayer-focused and we’re really excited to see it.

They can do this by looking at the Mordo released on PC and people liked it and it really changed the game, so Chivalry 2 would really have to move on.

We will know for sure when it will be released in the summer of 2021.

29. Ghostwire tokyo

It is an action-adventure horror themed game developed by Tango Gamework and published by Bethesda.

It came out in e3 2019 and was certainly a big hit as the Tango gamework was included in every Shinji Mikami, but interestingly enough as time has passed it has emerged as a first-person game.

It sounds so creative, it feels wildly creative that the director has actually moved on to something else from the project, we’re wondering if there is a change of direction, yet the concept is pretty cool with the ghosts in a neon lighted Tokyo Treats, but we still want to see more from the game before we get super excited for it, we know it’s releasing in October of 2021.

28. Starfield

Yes, we’re putting it on this list. Just to be hopeful, Bethesda’s next big RPG is this new IP. This sci-fi epic is going to be out this year. We definitely don’t know that we know Bethesda will be next. The game is also working on the big scroll, but even further, we know that Star Field is coming first. Is it going to be 2021 that man knows?

This is like a big question mark in this list, but we wanted to include it because if it comes out in 2021 it could turn out to be a very good holiday season.

27. Senua’s saga hellblade 2

This is the sequel to the absolutely brilliant Hellblade Senua Sacrifice and what we have seen about the game seems to be downright unbelievable given that the story seems to be taking a deeper turn, seeing where the first story went.

We’ve seen some crazy scenes, this has been the highlight of the Xbox series x and that whole thing, but we know it’s releasing on PC as well and we’re really excited to get our hands on it which we guess And we are still hopeful that the game will be dated for 2021 very soon.

26. Everspace 2

It was released in early 2021, so of course we had to include it as it has surrounded the world by storm. It is a deeply fun engaging long single player first person space experience.

If you like exploring space crafting entangled in RPG stats and elements like Everspace 2 keep you busy for a long time then it is very well received and technically.

I believe it is still in early reach so there is much more to come. It’s not really like any game as a whole that I’m about to mention, but if you’re anything from dangerous to elite to none-man’s sky.

You can actually give it to yourself to investigate.

25. Evil genius 2 world domination

It is being developed and published by Rebellion, the people behind the very awesome Sniper Elite series. These games are very interesting and very creative where Tropico takes a good spin on the city builder.

Evil Genius spins the same type of evil, being a villain builds your secret lair, whether it’s like a top secret lab on an island or just a rogue dungeon in a volcano.

The possibilities are endless and it is indeed very good and it is a refreshing idea that was the first and we are hoping that the second one will continue that the trend evil genius 2 world domination is releasing on 30 March 2021.

24. The ascent

It is a single player and co-op focused top-down RPG shooter, especially with some very good effects going on and the action only with World Design seems pretty crazy as it is not cyberpunk inspired by cyberpunk.

Game but the cyberpunk concept which is a very important difference, so if you’ve got a taste of cyberpunk with the game we’re all talking about a lot and you want something different here that takes that concept even further .

Climbing can be a fun action romp that you might want to consider in 2021.

23. The outlast trials

This is the next final game, although it is a prequel based on Cold War experiments and honestly it has been very mysterious since the game has been announced but we are excited to see what Red Barrel comes out.

They always work on the Outlast department and if they are branching out and trying something new and a little different.

We’re definitely going to be ready to give it a shot, with the final test coming sometime in 2021.

22. Scorn

It is a horror first person shooter game inspired by the art of HR Giger on console.

It is exclusive to the Xbox series X and S but on PC we are going to be able to play.

This is where I’m probably going to play it because it looks very much like a game focused on visuals and environments.

This is a game I want to get into my monitor screen with some nice headphones, the graphics are up to 11 and then I think they’ve been working on this game for a really long time.

It is still labeled tbd, but we are thinking that 2021 will finally be the year to consider, they started marketing again.

21. Prince of persia the sands of time remake

The game was announced in 2020 amid some skepticism by fans for all platforms, with our first look at the game.

It seemed a bit rough if I were to say honestly, but I think the remake of the sand of time is a game that doesn’t need a remake, but hey, you know a new reason to play.

This is a new shiny coat of paint, the game really needs the love it deserves and we owe it to Ubisoft and the developers in particular for deciding to significantly delay making this game.

We don’t want to hurry them, I think a game like the sands of time needs love and care, but there is a possibility.

We can see it in 2021.

20. Little nightmares 2

The game was released in early February and we just want to say that man definitely play it if you like small but fun scary experiences like limbo or small nightmares that really scratch that itch and then some Not to mention.

Along with the first game, it plays with horror tropes that you’ve seen interesting new ways before.

It has some fun puzzle platforming, some incredible visuals definitely play with headphones, it’s not the scariest game, but it’s a disturbing game and you should check it out.

19. State of Decay 3

The game that’s honest to date, we still don’t know much about it. We know it’s coming to the console exclusively for Xbox, but we’re going to get it on PC and everything we got Is a cinematic trailer with a winter theme and just a hint of zombie animals.

We met honestly like I said that 2 has come a long way before the state of decay, the dead labs have really played with the kind of style that they’ve come up with and that’s how we came to see it. Excited for where they take it with the third outing.

18. Everwild

This is a new rare game. It is an open world RPG with a fantasy genre and a new world.

They are building what we have never seen before and it looks good. It looks creative but it is also early. We are excited to see what Rare can do with it.

They’ve obviously been very busy with something like a sea of ​​thieves, it’s nice to see them walking off the branch and doing some kind of cool worldly fantasy chill lo-fi world game.

It has been very secretive but we are hoping that we will see this game in 2021.

17. Stalker 2

We are very excited to get a follow-up to the Stalker game as these are like PC gamers games.

The game originally came back in the day with RPG elements with first-person elements being survival elements and post-apocalyptic elements.

I had a lot of elements but what it does with all these things was awesome and now that there are so many other games that take these ideas and run with them, we are excited to see that Stalker 2 brings it What can one do to advance again. There are some small glimpses here and the game has been in development for quite some time.

We’ve got some looks and some showcases on the graphics, but we don’t know too much when making this video.

16. Atomic Heart

Bioshock inspired game but with a weird Soviet sci-fi spin we’ve been keeping an eye on it for some time and we think 2021 is definitely going to be a year of lots of melee combat, but a lot of things that You are going to create incredible environments and levels and enemy design not to mention more of an open world design.

Which is quite interesting, we are betting on the nuclear heart, we think it has a lot of potential.

We’ve made videos on it before and it is set for release on all major consoles and PCs around the world this year.

15. Biomutant

The game we’ve been following for a long time finally has a release date after several delays and is being rolled out. It is finally releasing on 25 May 2021 It is an open world action adventure RPG.

Where you build your little critter character adventure through an open world, find loot and fight enemies with guns and swords, to be honest.

We seem to have seen a lot of elements in previous games, but just the presentation and its actual concept feel unique and a bit different and we always itch to be different so we are definitely going to play it.

14. Age of empires 4

It has been silent for a while but it is the big one that we know that Xbox and Microsoft are developing it, we know that we will be able to run it on PC.

We know that they are also spending a lot of time releasing and remodeling old games, especially what the recent Age of Empires One and Two will bring to this new one.

How big it is going to be, how crazy it is until the time of making the video.

We haven’t heard a lot about it new, but we’re still excited Microsoft still said that they’re still working on it. There’s a community behind the game. We’re just looking forward to seeing if it’s When it comes out, we are thinking 2021 and it can be amazing.

13. Ruined king a league of legends story

This is the League of Legends RPG that essentially engages you in a story of what you do in the game.

In this world you gather a group of League of Legends champions and go on a quest with turn-based RPG combat, you get the art style, you get the lore, you get the world building, you get the atmosphere of the League of Legends But with a cool new turn-based RPG presentation.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what they can do with this one riot, with a lot of focus on League of Legends in particular, but now they’re getting out to a large extent and I’m just going to see Excited for

If they can introduce awesome styles of games to League of Legends fans who usually play only one or two types of things then ruin the King to be released in 2021.

12. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2

This I believe has been delayed a lot, some things have happened behind the scenes with the people working on quitting the game, but if it comes out this year then it can be very good if put it all aside is.

While the trailers we’ve seen minor glimpses of the gameplay, we’ve only seen the pedigree in the previous game, there’s a lot of Vampire riding on The Muscat Bloodlines 2.

This is definitely the sequel to a truly excellent first-person PC RPG.

We don’t get enough of them especially the ones with vampires in it.

We are hoping that it will still scream by 2021.

11. Resident Evil Village

We are headed to the werewalls from Vampire, this is a follow-up to Resident Evil 7, where you are once again playing as Ethan Winters as the first man, it seems like something where your child was stolen Is a strange village you go to for some kind of ritual.

There are evil vampire women and bug women and they are all hot. The game makes everything from action to horror elements to inventory management to survival elements look absolutely insane.

This is what I want as a resident rogue fan, especially given that we get to see the real Chris Redfield again, but that’s not good, we can’t wait to see if it Where does the mystery go?

Honestly we have killed this game but it is releasing on 7 May 2021.

10. New world

This is a new MMORPG developed by Amazon Game Studios that you’ve probably heard about that we’ve talked about in the past.

It had a 2020 release date, but it was pushed, the concepts look really cool, the art style looks really good. We’re looking forward to seeing what they can do with it, especially because Amazon Game Studio Slightly new and their first foray into mmorpg is something that is a genre that is extremely difficult to crack and not to mention for a newcomer on the block, so we are excited to see it.

Where It Goes We’re excited to see what Amazon Money can do. We’re excited to see what their engine can do because their previous efforts have kind of squandered a new world in 2021. Is and we’re gonna jump into it for sure.

9. Gotham knights

It is an interesting new Arkham style game that does not technically take place in the Arkham universe, but focuses on a new story and world where Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon die and,

It is up to the Bat family to punch a group of friends involved in RPG elements together and loot and save the day in an open world Gotham.

It honestly looks good once, you can overcome the fact that Batman is not in the game, which was tough and once you get over the fact that this is a real moment-to-co-op Is built around a bit — the combat traversal of the moment and some of the story content and presentation I find very appealing as a Batman fan, to be honest enough people were not exposed to the Bat family and the cool stories that come with it has gone.

WB Games Montreal is releasing it in 2021.

8. Elden ring

The new game from Software Open World RPG that was announced and JRR Martin is helping to work on the story and we know nothing more about it and it is driving the internet crazy, everyone is definitely looking for software games. Behind the developers is struggling for the next Sakura Shadow twice die Dark Soul Bloodborne you name.

It clearly has potential, maybe you should wager on it, but we are still really struggling for some information, they have calmed down, hopefully they will just come out and say that this game is here. Trailer.

It is out next month. We would love to see it in 2021.

7. Halo Infinite

This is a game that was to be released for PC in 2020 and the new Xbox Series X was launched and delayed, many people were not happy with the initial game, so the developers have gone back to the table really. Let’s work on the game and we are thinking that it will definitely appear in 2021.

The single player campaign is definitely focused on the larger environments and of course we’re also getting a bunch of multiplayer but the ball is really in Halo’s court.

Since Halo King was, a lot of new games have come out and really dominated and really captured the mainstream audience and it is up to the halo to bring things back to basics and maybe all that To bring it back on board.

We don’t know but we are definitely sitting by the edge eating popcorn.

6. Back 4 Blood

This is a co-op first-person shooter from the guys behind for Dead Yes Man, so basically if you’ve heard so and thought about something then this is what you’re getting at Turtle Rock Studios now and the developers have previously Worked on evolving but we’re definitely thinking this time around.

They get their own spin on things and they get back what they really excel at and he’s shooting zombies with some friends, weapons look cool, gore looks cool, effects look cool And are honest.

I think this is just a game we need right now and it is releasing on all consoles and PCs on 18 June 2021.

5. DeathLoop

It is a Bethesda published game that is a PlayStation 5 console exclusive that is also on PC and honestly the type of game that we think is on PC as it is developed by arcane who bring the infamous and the people behind the hunt We like concepts.

We like the flow of their game so we are really excited to see what they can do with the loop of death, given that the premise is very interesting, of such endless battles between two assassins Kind of a repetitive time loop groundhog day kind of thing and we’ve seen a lot of things that really come to our attention like cool weapon design characters and enemy design world design just an interesting sci-fi spin and vibe called We are especially itching to play with the mouse and keyboard.

We just like the action adventure game, so we are going to play it on 21 May 2021.

4. Hitman 3

This is the third game in the Hitman world of the Killing Trilogy where they blew the level design and opened up the freedom and let you do whatever you want in these endless reusable sandbox levels and we think this third entry Is Where It Is All really clicks and comes together as an old-school very traditional Hitman fan.

These games took me a long time to win and Hitman 3 has finally taken a small part of the story agency that they inject into the levels but they are still creative and fun and endlessly replayable where you just Create your own memorable moments and not to mention it is incredibly satisfying.

It looks absolutely insane on PC too, consider turning it on those graphics because wow this is something else io interactive are just great developers and we are excited to see what they are going to do next.

3. Far Cry 6

A game that has been delayed, but we think we are about to see at some point in 2021, is a first-person action open world first-person shooter like any other distant game and is a fictional Caribbean of Yara Occurs on the island. Fully inspired by Cuba because there is some civil unrest in which you are involved and you take that fight to the dictator.

Played by none other than Giancarlo Esposito aka Mof Gideon aka Gustavo Fringe aka The Perfect Villain, we are really excited to see how it applies gorilla strategy and its own within the game world Is the city.

This is the biggest we’ve seen in a far cry game, it’s finally going to be enough to cry far away from the formula just like far cry 3 did. This new far cry 6 is going to have a revolutionary feel that someone Not intended

We will definitely find out when we put our hands on it in the second quarter or the third quarter of 2021.

2. Dying Light 2

Another game we’ve been mouthing for so long. Another game that has been delayed a lot, but considering the dying light was a great experience on PC that was supported for years and years, you’d still find it Must choose because very good there material die light 2 is actually running.

It is out of the water how your decisions shape the world of how they focused on storytelling and the creation of the world, this time the potential of the game is very high indeed.

We still argue that the original die light is extremely low and the way die light 2 is blowing things out of the water like I said it can reach like a game of the year, it’s ambitious on my part for me. Don’t know I really like the zombie parkour game, developer publisher Teklan has quieted down on this game for quite some time, but we’re looking forward to seeing it in 2021.

1. Valheim

We are mentioning this at number one simply because it is flying by the time this video is made and it seems so popular for the right reasons that it is a high quality survival game so many times every year or a new survival game. is. The market hits and takes the PC crowd by storm and Wlenheim is the newest because, it has this cool Viking theme. Some creative buildings focus on some enemy pve and design a really interesting and weird scene.

It turns out to be divisive, but we think it’s really cool, it’s already sold over 2 million units, it’s in early reach, but doesn’t feel like a half-baked early access And frankly as those who are a little skeptical about the endless pile of survival games we’ve found so far, it’s all 2021.


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