Ubisoft eventually reveals the release date of Skull and Bones after a yearlong development

Skull and Bones

Ubisoft eventually reveals the release date of Skull and Bones after a yearlong development

Ubisoft Entertainment, the world-renowned French video game company hosted its first Forward Spotlight event on July 7, 2022, in San Francisco. In the event, the company announced the release date of Skull and Bones as November 8, 2022. The multiplayer game is developed as a joint venture of Ubisoft Singapore and other Ubisoft studios. A representative of Ubisoft confirms that right now, the game will not be available on Steam.

The open-world pirate Skull and Bones game, which has been designed with survival elements, will be available with cross-progression and cross-play. The game is compatible with Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation5, Windows PC, as well as Stadia through the Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store. Players can subscribe to Ubisoft+ on Stadia, and Amazon Luna, as well.

What Player think

The Skull and Bones game will call players to plan their personal destiny and stem from an outcast to becoming a pirate key player. To achieve so, they have to build their reputation through exciting naval battles and rewarding missions in a deceitful world. Players of the game can familiar with the genuine pirate life, as they will be enthused by the renowned tales around piracy.

In the Skull and Bones game, players can make an array of knowledgeable decisions, ranging from collecting resources and accepting contracts to steering vital trade routes and attacking rich commercial ships. Each decision they make will influence their journey, with different levels of reward and risk. Each journey in the game will be unique.


Players will be capable of creating and customizing their naval fleet and unlocking a range of new things throughout this multiplayer game while they develop their Infamy. They can get their empire bigger by joining forces with a maximum of two players they encounter out at the Indian Ocean. They can have an additional challenge by enabling PVP and checking their iron against aspiring key players, local factions, powerful organizations, or even adversary pirates.

Ubisoft developed Skull and Bones with tales belonging to the deadliest period of the seventeenth century, which is considered the second Golden Age of Piracy. The game sets the stage for a disordered and merciless period of pirates, powerful organizations, warring factions, and empires, all competing for power in the wild heaven of the Indian Ocean. The developer updates the game regularly with new stories, content, activities, and challenges, which will be free for players. This is for the reason that the Skull and Bones game has been designed on a determined, multi-year post-launch strategy.

Final Word

Ubisoft is going to release Skull and Bones in both the Standard Edition and Premium Edition. The Premium Edition of the game will consist of “The Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection”, including a variety of cosmetics pieces for both Ships and Captain. It also includes extra digital content, including two additional missions, a Digital Art Book, Soundtrack, as well as Smuggler Pass Token.

The players and enthusiasts of Skull and Bones who pre-order the game will get access to the exciting Highness of the High Sea Pack fighting game of Ubisoft, which includes the games Coronation Firework and Notoriety Garb Captain Outfit.

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