What Caused The Shortage of Sony’s PlayStation 5?

Playstation 5

What Caused The Shortage of Sony’s PlayStation 5?

The launch of the PlayStation 5 proved to be a massive success as the company sold around 8 million units within 6 months. It is believed to be the biggest launch in the history of the US and allowed the company to earn millions of dollars. The PS5 broke all the previous records set by Wii, Xbox One, and PS4.

PS5 is still in a strong position, and reports suggest that it will reach new heights in a few months due to its mega-sales.

Why fans are gaga over the PS5?

  • PS5 is equipped with a Solid State Drive and comes with an eight-core CPU that relies on AMD’s 7nm process.
  • It supports 8K and 4K resolutions, and its refresh rate is 120Hz.
  • The users can experience 3D audio quality in PS5.
  • It is a next-generation console with an impressive design.
  • A thrilling line-up of games is another reason for the PS5’s high demand.

The shortage of PS5

During the launch of the PS5 gaming console, everyone eyed the device. The exhilarating collection of games such as God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Grand Theft Auto 5, Miles Morales’ Spiderman, Hogwarts Legacy, and many more; convinced fans to purchase the device. However, because of a global pandemic, Sony could not meet the public’s demand for PS5, and supply problems ensued.

The shortage is leading customers to miss out on all the adventures PS5 has to offer. It is one of the finest and most pristine gaming consoles ever made. Still, only fewer units are selling out because of manufacturing problems.

Supply Issue

Another reason for the shortage of PS5 as clarified by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO and President, Jim Ryan is the supply issue caused by the global pandemic. The shortage of computer chips that are required to construct PS5 is the result of a pandemic. The scarcity of PS5 is caused at the retail level because scalpers in the market who resell the products to achieve maximum profits are ordering bulk products. As a result, the PS5 shortage has intensified and the whole scenario has worsened.

The reselling of gaming consoles by scalpers has caused manufacturers working on hardware to suffer losses. All these problems have created an unbalance between the timelines of manufacturers and suppliers.

Work From Home

Some even blame the ‘Work from Home’ program as a reason for more people buying the device. Thanks to the WFH scenario, the number of sales has increased dramatically post-pandemic.

If this wasn’t horrible enough, scammers are creating fraudulent websites and selling the product at a higher price. There is nothing more frustrating than when people fall into their trap and buy it without knowing they will never get their PS5. Other than that, manufacturers are also experiencing shortages due to the low number of AMD Zen 2 chips and GPUs.

Jim Ryan even apologized to the public for being unable to deliver the promised units in the market.We can only wait for the company to resolve its supply issues and increase the number of PS5s being manufactured.

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