Youtube is down

Youtube Down

Youtube is down

The world’s largest video collection website, yes, is down.

YouTube is quite a down. It has been about 30 minutes since then YouTube and Creative Studio belong to YouTube, which has been kept down, so now You will not be able to enjoy YouTube right now.

Youtube tweeted in his Twitter handle in @YouTubeTrends, you can see that he has told youtube down.

Google’s other services like google search engine Gmail translator other services are running right now but youtube video is not working

This is probably the first time that YouTube has been down for so long, has been above about 30 minutes.

Maybe YouTube is launching a new policy of its own or is making changes related to some such features, due to which it is getting down, but let’s see what changes happen after the site is Up because both youtube studio and youtube is down, it means there is a big change or something.

Recently, Creative Studio’s upload video screen has changed, in which you saw that they had removed the advance tab and add it on the same page, so I might be bringing some similar major changes on YouTube. Because of which YouTube is down for so long


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