In recent times, the gaming community has been buzzing with the speculation about the forthcoming iteration of the famed game, Horizon Forbidden West. Notably, a significant update regarding this has appeared on the website of a Singapore government agency. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the available information, taking into account various aspects including the expected features and the official rating received by the new edition.

The Upcoming Release: An Overview

A discerning segment of gamers has identified crucial information about a newer version of Horizon Forbidden West slated for release in 2023 on the official website of a Singapore government agency. This iteration, termed as the “Complete Edition”, promises to be a comprehensive package, offering not only the original game but also including the newly launched Burning Shores expansion pack. As per the details retrieved, this edition seems to be initially exclusive to PlayStation 5. However, based on the established pattern observed with Sony’s releases, there’s a potential prospect of it being accessible to PC gamers in the near future.

A Reflective Progression: Drawing Parallels with Horizon Zero Dawn

In assessing the progression of Horizon Forbidden West, it is instrumental to consider its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn. The latter also followed a similar trajectory, where a Complete Edition was released subsequent to the original version, encapsulating The Frozen Wild expansion pack. This exemplifies Sony’s continual approach to enhancing the gaming experience by offering comprehensive packages post the initial release, providing avid gamers an opportunity to delve deeper into the gaming universe with enriched content and extended narratives.

Anticipated Features of the Complete Edition

The Complete Edition, as delineated by the information surfaced, is expected to encompass the original Horizon Forbidden West game along with the acclaimed Burning Shores expansion pack. The expansion pack, which was unveiled in the spring of 2023, aims to augment the gaming narrative, offering extended gameplay and a plethora of new features for the gaming enthusiasts to explore. Although explicit details about the content remain undisclosed at this moment, the amalgamation of the core game with the expansion pack promises a rich and immersive gaming experience.

Official Rating: What to Expect

It is pertinent to note that the Complete Edition has been classified with an M18 rating by the concerned Singapore government agency. This classification predominantly pertains to a specific scene in the Burning Shores expansion where characters are engaged in a kiss, denoting the presence of “sexual content”. Prospective players should be cognizant of this rating while considering the acquisition of this edition, to ensure alignment with their personal preferences and expectations in terms of content depiction.


The advent of Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition appears to be a significant milestone in the gaming timeline of 2023. By presenting a comprehensive and potentially enriched gaming experience, it beckons gaming aficionados globally. As we anticipate further details to be released, it remains imperative for enthusiasts to stay abreast with official communications for a clear picture on the various facets including availability across different platforms.

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