The gaming community is brimming with anticipation as the launch date of the Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 Battlepass approaches. This comprehensive guide will delve deep into what gamers can expect from this update, shedding light on the plethora of new skins, items, and other cosmetic alterations that are poised to transform the gaming experience. Scheduled to go live on 29th August, the forthcoming season promises not only to retain the gaming momentum but also to add a fresh layer of excitement with its array of rewards.

Release Date and Pricing Details

Approximately two months since the unveiling of Episode 7 Act 1, Valorant is gearing up to introduce its new season, labeled Episode 7 Act 2. This notable installment brings with it significant changes, including the replacement of Breeze with Fracture and Pearl, coupled with considerable balance modifications to more than half the Agent roster. As for the acquisition of the Battlepass, it will be priced at 1000 Valorant Points (VP), which equates to roughly 10 USD or INR 820.

Highlighting the Weapon Skins

One of the main attractions of this Battlepass is the introduction of new weapon skins. Here is a detailed breakdown of the collections and the respective tiers:

  1. Transition Collection:
    • Transition Stinger (Tier 10)
    • Transition Vandal (Tier 25)
    • Transition Bulldog (Tier 35)
    • Transition Shorty (Free Reward)
    • Transition Knife (Tier 50)
  2. Freehand Collection:
    • Freehand Ghost (Tier 5)
    • Freehand Spectre (Tier 16)
    • Freehand Odin (Tier 30)
    • Freehand Marshal (Tier 40)
  3. Panoramic Collection:
    • Panoramic Classic (Tier 1)
    • Panoramic Bucky (Tier 15)
    • Panoramic Guardian (Tier 20)
  4. Individual Weapon Skin:
    • RDVR Phantom (Tier 45) – This appears to be an Agent-specific skin that Deadlock uses in various Valorant graphics.

An Overview of Sprays

In addition to weapon skins, players can look forward to a substantial selection of sprays that are part and parcel of the Battlepass. The new season will include a total of 16 different sprays, with a few being available as free rewards. Here’s what you can anticipate:

  1. Power Punch Spray (Tier 6)
  2. Transition Spray (Tier 7)
  3. Panoramic Spray (Tier 12)
  4. Freehand Spray (Tier 18)
  5. Crane Blossom Spray (Free Reward) (Continued with the rest of the spray list)

Delving Into Gun Buddies

Gun buddies are yet another feature that is seeing a refresh in the upcoming Battlepass. The list includes a total of eight distinct gun buddies, with some being accessible as free rewards. Here is an enumeration of what players can expect:

  1. Sunset Scoot Buddy (Tier 2)
  2. EP 7 // 2 Coin Buddy (Free Reward)
  3. Panoramic Buddy (Tier 14) (Continued with the rest of the gun buddy list)

Unveiling Player Cards

Adding to the array of novelties are the player cards. The Battlepass is set to introduce 12 different player cards, ranging across various tiers and also including some free rewards. The list comprises:

  1. Freehand Card (Tier 4)
  2. Gelato Card (Free Reward)
  3. Transition Card (Tier 9) (Continued with the rest of the player card list)

Introduction to Titles and Radianite Points

To round off the extensive list of additions, the Battlepass includes new titles and Radianite Points. Gamers can avail themselves of three different titles, all of which are available for free. Furthermore, players can accumulate up to 160 Radianite Points through the Battlepass, with 30 points being available for free and the remaining 130 points being part of the paid tier.

In Conclusion

The Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 Battlepass is all set to provide a fresh and exciting gaming experience, with an impressive range of skins, items, and cosmetics. Scheduled to be available from 29th August, gamers can either purchase the Battlepass for 1000 VP or engage in gameplay to earn some free rewards. Make sure to mark the date and get ready to delve deep into the enriched gaming landscape that Valorant promises with this new update.

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