Ghost Of Tsushima Sold 10 Million Copies On PS4 and PS5

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima Sold 10 Million Copies On PS4 and PS5

Ghost of Tsushima sold 10 million copies, which is an incredible benchmark. The game has become one of the most successful first-party releases. Numerous games of the same genre have been defeated by it in a row. During its release, the game even overtook Sony, which was highly unexpected. In its lifetime of two years, the game sold 9.7 million copies. Recently, they sold 10 million copies on the occasion of Ghost of Tsushima’s 2nd anniversary. 

Multiplayer and single-player in one game, Ghost of Tsushima is an award-winning game from 2020. Its combat mechanics, acting, vivid background, Japanese landscape, duels, soundtrack, visuals, and cinematic graphics make the game worth playing. It is thrilling, chilling, and adventurous. 

Fans have been celebrating the game’s two-year completion. It has developed an enormous fanbase all this time and fans believe the game deserves this number. There have been many Sony IPs that failed to clock that number but the fact the Ghost of Tsushima sold 10 million copies is an achievement. According to gaming influencers, the game has the potential to do exceptionally well in the future as well. 


Sequels of games like God of War, Uncharted, Golden Abyss, etc., created quite a name for themselves after their prequels sold a ground-breaking number of copies. There is a debate on the internet about whether Ghost of Tsushima should come next or not. Obviously, no one can predict the outcome with a 100% guarantee as there are chances of it not succeeding, but it has potential. So, the second version of the game might do even better because of the massive fanbase. 

When the game was first announced, people were not expecting much from the game. There was nothing unique and praiseworthy about the game, according to many gamers. However, the response to the game post-release changed everyone’s conception and it became a hit. It worked marvelously on the console. It isn’t easy to sell 10 million copies of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Many games have been released, but only a few can surpass this number. 

Sucker Punch Production

Sharing the news with everyone, Sucker Punch Production wrote in the post, ‘This weekend marks two years since the release of #GhostOfTsushima! We have been blown away by all of the support since then and are so grateful for all of you! Thank you to everyone who has played and shared this journey with us!’ They also shared the accurate statistic of all the milestones accomplished by a game in its lifetime. 

After the celebration of the second anniversary, Ghost of Tsushima’s sales are likely to decrease. However, once it becomes available on PC, it’s likely to do even better. 

Final Word

Reportedly, Sucker Punch Productions are working on its sequel as the prequel is Sony’s biggest exclusive. After witnessing the success of the first game, its sequel will do even better once it releases. Fans are excited about this news and cannot wait for the official announcement. Therefore, the fans believe Ghost of Tsushima deserves a second season. 

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