In the ever-dynamic world of gaming, keeping abreast of the latest developments is crucial for enthusiasts. Recently, the buzz around the much-anticipated Steam Deck 2 has heightened, owing to a series of leaks and rumors swirling around the gaming community. This article delves deep into these updates, offering a comprehensive view of what might be on the horizon. Let us explore the various facets of the leaks and what they indicate regarding Valve’s forthcoming offering in the handheld console market.

Codename “Galileo” and Certification Details

The forthcoming Steam Deck 2, internally referred to as “Galileo”, seems to be on the fast track towards its release, potentially arriving much sooner than initially speculated. This speculation gained traction when the South Korean National Radio Research Agency certified a new device from Valve with the model number “1030”. This detail is particularly noteworthy given the established model numbers of previous Valve products: the original Steam Deck and the VR headset, Index, bearing numbers 1010 and 1007 respectively. Consequently, this new development has incited substantial discussions and predictions among the handheld console gaming aficionados.

Source of Leaks and Potential Features

Much of the leaked information stems from the Reddit forum r/GamingLeaksAndRumors, where a user by the name u/Fidler_2K disclosed a substantial amount of data concerning the forthcoming gaming console. The leaked details provide a glimpse into Valve’s prospective plans in the coming months. Despite this, a considerable degree of uncertainty remains surrounding the exact nature of the new device. It could either be the successor to the original Steam Deck or a new entity altogether, potentially named Deckard, envisaged as the heir to the Valve Index, with capabilities for VR gaming.

Technological Advancements and Collaborations

Further fueling the speculations are the whispers regarding the technological components that might power this new machine. Reports suggest that AMD has recently incorporated support for the Nuvoton NAU88L21 codec and the MAX98388 speaker amplifier to the Van Gogh APU, a chip exclusively used in the Steam Deck. Collabora, a company previously associated with Valve, has been credited for developing the sound patches for these new components, hinting at a continued collaboration between the entities.

Looking Ahead: Release Window and Confirmation Status

As of now, the fine details surrounding the features and specifications of the prospective Steam Deck refresh remain veiled in secrecy. Yet, several signs point to Valve’s active engagement in expanding their handheld gaming console lineup. Among these indications is the discovery of a Galileo-specific SteamOS mirror, hinting at the development of a Steam Deck 2.

While the excitement builds, it is crucial to note that an official confirmation regarding these developments is still awaited. Valve and other potentially involved third parties have not verified the circulating information, leaving room for further evolution in the device’s developmental stages. Given the early phase of these leaks, pinpointing an exact release date seems premature. However, speculations suggest a possible broad launch window around 2024, providing ample time for further details to surface and shape.


In conclusion, the gaming community is abuzz with speculation and anticipation surrounding the potential release of Steam Deck 2. As leaks continue to surface, gamers worldwide are keenly awaiting official statements that might shed light on what to expect from this promising addition to the handheld gaming console segment. We recommend that enthusiasts keep a close eye on developments, while also maintaining a cautious stance, given the unconfirmed nature of the existing information. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you the latest updates in the dynamic and exhilarating world of gaming.

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