As the gaming community steels itself for the next big wave of immersive experiences, CD Projekt Red doesn’t fail to surprise with its recent unveiling at the Night City Wire show. The reputed game development studio graced the event with an awe-inspiring cinematic trailer for the much-anticipated add-on to the famed game Cyberpunk 2077, titled “Phantom Liberty.” Below, we delve deep into the details, highlighting the captivating elements presented in the trailer and the notable role undertaken by acclaimed actor Idris Elba.

A Closer Look at Solomon Reed: Idris Elba’s Rendition in the Phantom Liberty Add-On

The trailer reveals the cornerstone of the upcoming expansion – the character Solomon Reed, depicted with stunning detail and brought to life by the critically acclaimed actor, Idris Elba. As evidenced by the trailer, Elba’s portrayal of Solomon Reed is nothing short of mesmerizing, showcasing a blend of finesse and intensity that promises a rich and deep narrative. Elba has seemingly transformed into a dazzling figure, captivating audiences with his unmatched grace and remarkable presence within the in-game universe.

Delving into the Storyline: A Sneak Peek into the Events Predating Cyberpunk 2077

Set against the backdrop of a futuristic dystopian world, the Phantom Liberty trailer promises an exhilarating journey that predates the events of the original game by seven years. In this captivating glimpse, we observe Reed embarking on a perilous mission, where he engages with mercenaries from the notorious military corporation, “Arasaka.” As viewers, we are pulled into a vortex of intense action sequences, fraught with danger at every corner. The trailer ingeniously crafts an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue, hinting at a plot filled with depth and complexities, thereby encouraging viewers to foster high hopes for an engaging and enthralling narrative.

Mark Your Calendars: The Phantom Liberty Expansion Release Date

As anticipation builds, gamers worldwide are eagerly marking their calendars for the official release of the Phantom Liberty expansion. CD Projekt Red has announced that the expansion will be available to the gaming populace on the 26th of September, compatible with PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series platforms. To ensure a seamless experience upon release, gamers are urged to pre-order the expansion, facilitating a smooth transition into the new narrative arc that promises to redefine the Cyberpunk 2077 landscape.

Further Developments: The Impending Arrival of Update 2.0

In a bid to continually enhance the gaming experience, CD Projekt Red has disclosed the imminent release of a significant update for Cyberpunk 2077. Slated to arrive shortly, the free Update 2.0 promises to revolutionize the gameplay dynamics, offering a fresh and improved perspective to the existing game. Gamers are advised to keep a watchful eye for this update, which seeks to elevate the overall gaming experience to unprecedented heights.


As we inch closer to the release date, the gaming community stands on the cusp of a groundbreaking chapter in the Cyberpunk 2077 saga. The Phantom Liberty trailer, coupled with the artistic prowess of Idris Elba, serves as a beacon of promise, foretelling a gaming experience steeped in richness and depth. As we await the unfolding of this epic tale, gamers worldwide are united in their eagerness and excitement, ready to embrace the new adventures that lie ahead.