Immortals of Aveum Update 2: Comprehensive Breakdown of Fixes and Enhancements

Ascendant Studios is steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the gaming experience in “Immortals of Aveum”. The second update heralds a series of critical fixes and improvements, laying a robust foundation for more comprehensive updates in the future. This detailed article elucidates each aspect of the update, highlighting the rectifications and the added features for both PC and console players. Let us delve into the specificities of this update.

Key Fixes: Enhancing Basic Game Settings

Adjustments to Mouse Sensitivity and Console Brightness

Update 2 brings about pivotal changes in the basic settings of the game. PC players can now rejoice with the expanded range for mouse sensitivity adjustments, allowing for a more customized gaming experience. Furthermore, the console players, who have been struggling with brightness issues, will find significant improvements, alleviating previously too dark or too bright screen issues.

Game Performance: Addressing Stability and Smoothness

Stabilizing Crashes and Progression Blockers

In a bid to ensure a seamless gaming experience, the update addresses multiple instances of crashes and progression blockers that have been hindering the gameplay. These fixes are expected to provide a more stable gaming environment.

Rectifications to Save Slot and FPS Issues

A significant improvement seen in this update is the resolution of the game overwriting save slots when users spawned at specific locations, safeguarding players’ progress. Moreover, players can anticipate smoother gameplay with the fixing of various instances of FPS drops and stuttering that had previously marred the gaming experience.

Enhancements to Game Hitching and Loot Spawn Time

Gamers will notice that areas where the game previously hitched or froze momentarily have been addressed, paving the way for smoother transitions. Additionally, the loot spawn time has been enhanced, facilitating a more streamlined gameplay experience.

Gameplay: Refinements and Exploit Resolutions

Object Placement and Spell Function Fixes

The update brings significant enhancements to the gameplay, including fixes to the incorrect appearances of objects in various locations and the rectification of issues concerning spell cooldowns, reloads, and improper animation triggers.

Combat and Navigation Exploit Rectifications

Further improvements encompass addressing several exploits found during combats and navigation. These fixes provide a more balanced and fair gaming environment, preventing players from using unintended exploits in different game sections.

UI/UX: Improvements for an Intuitive User Experience

Ascension Point Display and Map Fixes

In an effort to facilitate a more intuitive user interface, the update includes text displays for unspent Ascension points when users earn Arcanum. Moreover, several level map fixes and improvements ensure that UI elements display correctly, promoting a better user experience.

Enhancements to Performance Budget Tool UI and Text Display

The update also encompasses improvements to the Performance Budget tool UI and fixes to instances where text did not display correctly, enhancing the overall user interface and experience.

PC-Specific Changes: Enhancements for a Seamless PC Experience

Dialogue Options and Graphics Settings

PC users can expect a series of improvements, including clickable dialogue options using the mouse and the addition of three new graphics settings to facilitate a better gaming experience. Moreover, several issues concerning message prompts and display resolutions have been addressed, promising a more seamless gaming experience.

Console-Specific Updates: Refinements for Console Users

Removal of Empty Boxes and Xbox Graphics Enhancement

Console users will notice the removal of empty boxes from the Display menu tab, decluttering the interface for a more streamlined experience. Specifically for Xbox users, a slight enhancement in graphical quality on Xbox Series S has been implemented, promising a visually richer gaming experience.

Miscellaneous Changes and Minor Fixes

Tutorial Reappearances and Online Help

To facilitate a comprehensive gaming experience, the update brings changes such as the reappearance of tutorials related to combat if a player dies before completing them. Furthermore, a help page link has been added to assist players experiencing online connectivity issues.

Audio-Visual and Subtitle Fixes

Notable minor changes include corrections to missing or mistimed subtitles and visual improvements throughout the game affecting UI, VFX, animations, and cinematics. Furthermore, issues related to audio mixes and SFX have been addressed, promising a richer audio-visual gaming experience.

Policy Documents and Game Credits

Lastly, the update includes updated versions of localized privacy and cookie policy documents, along with an updated game credits list, ensuring transparency and acknowledgment of contributions.


As we venture further into the realms of “Immortals of Aveum”, this second update by Ascendant Studios stands as a testimony to their commitment towards delivering a gaming experience that is both enriching and devoid of glitches. Players can look forward to more nuanced updates in the future, enhancing the game’s intricacies and expanding the horizons for an immersive gaming journey. Stay tuned for detailed insights on subsequent updates.

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