You as we know that after the banning of PUBG Mobile, many Battle Royal games caught pace. In which games like Call of Duty and Free Fire topped. In view of this, Akshay Kumar also announced the Make in India Fau-G Game, which was named Fau-G. Akshay Kumar announced the Make in India Fau-G game from his Twitter and Instagram accounts on 4 September 2020.

Since then, people living in India greatly encouraged it and showed their interest to play it. Indians are eagerly waiting for this game, they want to see if it will be able to compete with PUBG Mobile.

This game is being made by the developers of nCore Games.

Earlier it was rumored that it will be launched in November 2020, then after that rumor has it that it will be launched in December 2020 but it has not been launched yet, there is no official date yet to be launched.

As we know, PUBG Mobile is about to re-launch in India again which has been delayed in March 2021. Accordingly, nCore developers should think of launching it before PUBG Mobile.

Well, all this will be talked about later, first, we talk about Fau-G mobile Game.

The company claimed that when it was opened for pre-registration, there were 1 million free registrations in 24 hours. So this shows how excited the people of India are about their Make in India Fau-G game.

As far as the game is concerned, it is probably not a battle royal game, it is an action-adventure game in which you will get missions and you have to.

Maybe later it will be converted into Battle Royal Game, we will only know later when it will be launched.

This is a military game, it will be a game based on national and domestic threats in which many national threats have to be played based on what has happened and a game based on the domestic threats that have taken place.

As there was a problem with PUBG, the user information that I had in it was stored outside the country which could pose a threat to the security breach or policy, because of this, the PUBG Mobile was banned, keeping the FAU-G in view. Any user information in the game will be kept inside the country and it will be completely safe.

Since its registration started, some such rumors had emerged that its APK downloads have also become available, which you can download and play the right game right now. Please be careful that such APKs and do not download any such APK as no official APK has been launched by FAU-G mobile yet, you can get caught in a lot of cyberattacks.

If you want to pre-register this game then click on this link