Let’s know about the FAU-G mobile game


Let’s know about the FAU-G mobile game

So as we know that for the mobile game that has been launched. As we know that after the rift with China, PUBG Mobile was banned by the Government of India, along with PUBG, there were many such apps above 100 which were banned by the Government of India, then Akshay Kumar Had said by tweeting that but the India game FAU-G which is about to come, a few days ago they launched its trailer by tweeting and told that this game will be launched on 26 January 2021.

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The FAU-G mobile game is based on the terrorist attack on Galvan Valley. The military game depicts the valor of our Indian soldiers, which is based on the skirmish on the India China border.

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At the beginning of the game, we have seen that some army soldiers were patrolling in their area and there is a place where there is no flag of India, Some hidden terrorists attack him, after which two or three of them settle down, they also get hit by a landslide, after which a military brother will start the game. He goes ahead and tries to get his men who are in possession of the terrorists from there.

The combat in the game is quite desi style, you can kill the enemy with boxing kick punches. In between, it has a lot of Hindi dialogues that make us very happy to play.


Its graphics which is quite good, the first mission of this is on a snowy place, as we know, there is an icy place in Galwan Valley where the army is deployed, then we will be It looks good to see the place. In this, you will also see the flowing rivers, which are very beautiful to see, it is made by looking at the rivers and snow in this game.

Sound and Background:

If we talk about the sound effects of this game, then it has been given very well. All the military’s man dialogues in this are given in Hindi. The sound of the flowing rivers in it is also very good, it sounds absolutely real. Including its sound effect is quite good and all dialogues in Hindi, which feel fun of playing.

Overall you will have a lot of fun by failing this game. You must play this game.

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