Western Digital, a renowned name in the storage solution sector, is gearing up to launch a significant addition to the realm of handheld gaming – the WD Black SN770M SSD. This new entry promises to enhance the gaming experience by augmenting the storage capabilities of popular handheld devices such as the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally. In this article, we delve deeply into various facets of this development to provide you with a detailed outlook.

Breaking New Ground with WD Black SN770M

The emergence of the WD Black SN770M marks Western Digital’s foray into a segment dominated by established products like the Sabrent Rocket and Corsair MP600 Mini, which have been fulfilling the demands of gaming handheld enthusiasts. Despite the presence of these seasoned players, the introduction of another viable option in the market is a welcome development. The WD Black SN770M, with its distinctive features, seems poised to carve out a place for itself in the competitive market.

Technical Specifications and Pricing Dynamics

According to the data released by Western Digital, the WD Black SN770M is engineered to “supercharge compatible handheld devices.” This SSD claims to offer staggering speeds of up to 5,150MB/s, potentially diminishing load times on devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, enhancing the gaming experience substantially. This speed specification is applicable to both the 1TB and 2TB variants of the drive.

In terms of pricing, the WD Black SN770M is available in three different capacities, each with its respective pricing. While the 512GB version comes with a price tag of $74.99, the larger 1TB and 2TB variants are priced at $109.99 and $219.99, respectively. Despite not being exorbitantly priced, it is marginally more costly compared to some of its counterparts in the market, such as the 1TB Sabrent Rocket which often retails under $100.

Analyzing the Potential Audience and Usability

Western Digital’s latest offering is not limited to just handheld gaming enthusiasts. The SSD is also compatible with a variety of other laptops and devices that support 2230 drives. This versatility means that not only portable players but a wider group of users might find this new drive to be a valuable addition to their setup, potentially speeding up various operations and enhancing user experience.

Making an Informed Purchase: Considerations and Recommendations

Before making a decision to purchase the WD Black SN770M, several factors need consideration. Firstly, potential buyers should assess their actual necessity for additional internal storage. Alternative solutions like microSD cards might serve the purpose effectively at a lower cost. Hence, evaluating the actual storage needs and exploring other cost-effective options could be a prudent approach.

For Steam Deck owners, specifically, another critical aspect to ponder upon is the complexity involved in upgrading the internal storage. While upgrading the Asus ROG Ally is relatively straightforward, the process is considerably more intricate for the Steam Deck. Therefore, if you are not adept at handling hardware modifications, seeking professional assistance for the installation or opting for a simpler solution like a new microSD card might be advisable.

Moreover, resorting to professional installation could potentially escalate the overall expenditure, making a cheaper alternative than the WD Black SN770M a more sensible choice in order to maintain a balanced budget.


In conclusion, the arrival of the WD Black SN770M SSD signifies a promising extension in the range of storage solutions available for handheld gaming devices and other compatible systems. Whether to opt for this new drive hinges on individual preferences, technical comfort with hardware modifications, and budgetary allowances. As you ponder over making this addition to your gaming setup, weighing the potential benefits against the costs involved would be instrumental in making a well-informed decision.

For those eager to explore more, we have collated a list of compatible SSD options for the Asus ROG Ally and Steam Deck to aid in your research and purchase journey.

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