All Flyting Location and Answers in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

All Flyting Location and Answers in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the twelfth number series of the Assassin’s Creed.

People love Assassin’s Creed Games. In this game, you will get to play a lot of action-adventure and its storyline is still quite good.

So we talk about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game in which you are shown in a game related to the Viking community based on Norse Mythology.

It is a big game, it has many side missions and there are many types of Quest that are very fun to play.

Now we will talk about Flyting in which there is one to one conversation and if you win in this conversation then you get Charisma. You can use this Charisma in many places such as side missions where you may have to do give silver or fight, so if you have to avoid silver and fight then you can use this Charisma there. So that you can easily complete that side mission.

Before taking the Flyting Challenge, you have a bet, you will get the same silver coins. If you sit down, you will loss same silver coins. once you acknowledge a flyting challenge in Assassin’s Ideology Valhalla, you must put a bet to commence – Miniature wagered 100 silver, Medium wagered, 150 silver, or Gigantically colossal wagered 200 silver. On the off chance that you don’t have at slightest 100 silver, you can’t take part.

So let’s see where you will get this Flyting challenge and what is its location and its questions and answers by which you will beat them and you will win silver coins from them and you will also increase Charisma so that you can use that by using other side missions. Can finish with.

Manning, Fighter of Wolves (Rygjafylke) Flyting Location, Question and Answers:

Rygjafylke Flyting Location
Rygjafylke Flyting Location

You will find Flyting challenge at location below, you will go there and there will be an icon of charisma which is like a face mask, then as soon as you go there a man will stand and intract you then your conversion The flying one will start.

Question and Answer:

Manning: Have you ever seen muscles as massive as mine?

Your Answer: What you make up in muscles, you’re lacking in spine.

Manning: More than strength, I can boast that my features are fair.

Your Answer: They seem perfectly placed to give children a scare.

Manning: Have you ever met someone so witty and quick?

Your Answer: No, you’re quite like your arms: just incredibly thick.

Alvis (Rygjafylke) Flyting Location, Question and Answers:

In the Norway map you find another sliding channel that gets through Alvis. You have to go to your country in Norway and you have to find Alvis there. When you enter with him he will start a conversion with you.

Question and Answer:

Alvis: In flyting, it’s key to match cadence and rhyme! It’s as much about sound as it is about time. So be careful in choosing the words that you say…

You Answer: I’ll recall what you’ve taught ere I enter the fray.

Alvis: In flyting, you’ll need to be cutting and keen. It’s about wielding wit more than venting your spleen. If I tell you you’re foolish, and stupid, and dull…

Your Answer: Then I’ll tell you you’ve nothing inside of your skull.

Alvis: So go then, and conquer the world with your wit! Go be clever, be quick, show your spirit and grit! I look eagerly forward to seeing how you fare…

Your Answer: I will flyt you with flourish and best you with flair!

Fergal the Faceless – Grantebridgescire (Grantebridge) – Flyting Location and Answers:

Fergal the Faceless – Grantebridgescire (Grantebridge) – Flyting

On reaching this location, you have to talk to a woman standing in front of a small farmhouse. Ask you question from which you will have to answer by ticking any answer, this is a joke conversion of ways, then you will not have any problem in getting anything wrong in it. After the conversion is over, the lady will give you a key which will open a door and from there you can collect chests.

Question and Answer:

Choose any answers you want. This duel is a joke.

Jungulf – Ledecestrescire (Repton) – Flyting Location and Answers

Jungulf – Ledecestrescire (Repton) – Flyting

Question and Answer:

Jungulf: I have sparred against champions and bested each one.

Your Answer: O,to beat such a braggart will surely be fun.

Jungulf: You’re a misfit, a half-wit, a foolish old grouse!

Your Answer: You’re a weakling, a milksop, a cadger, a louse.

Jungulf: I’m the greatest of flyters, a master of verse!

Your Answer: Your pride is appalling, and your rhyming is worse.

Chadwick, Monger of Gossip (East Anglia)- Flyting Location and Answers

Chadwick, Monger of Gossip (East Anglia)- Flyting

As soon as you reach the location given above, you will also find Chadwick standing near the Long House, as soon as you intake with it, your conversion will start.

Question and Answer:

Chadwick: To all those whom I speak, they say Eivor’s a clod.

Your Answer: Then you’re speaking to fools, and their knowledge is flawed.

Chadwick: They say you’re a coward, who runs from a fight.

Your Answer: And they’re sorely mistaken, I’m known for my might.

Chadwick: Silent whispers all claim that you’re terribly dense.

Your Answer: Then you’ve clearly misheard them, my wit is immense.

Hogg the Burly Oxeneforda (Oxenefordscire) – Flyting Location and Answers

Hogg the Burly Oxeneforda (Oxenefordscire) – Flyting

Question and Answer:

Hogg: Would you battle a dragon? Then challenge me not.

Your Answer: O, you’re barely an insect, a fly that I’ll swat.

Hogg: I’m possessed of a strength that would scare off a bear.

Your Answer: You’re possessed of a baldness that’s scared off your hair.

Hogg: I’ve the heart of a lion, the loins of a horse.

Your Answer: You’ve the brain of a donkey, to challenge a Norse.

Augusta the Cheerful (Lunden) – Flyting Location and Answers

Augusta the Cheerful (Lunden) – Flyting

As soon as you reach the above location, you will find a person standing near the stables, all you have to do is start a conversion with him.

Question and Answer:

Augusta: I stand here in awe at the charm of your face.

Your Answer: You’re the picture of elegance, beauty and grace.

Augusta: I was rapt with excitement when you came along.

Your Answer: O, your valor’s the subject of story and song.

Augusta: You’ve such a great talent for flyting and rhyme.

Your Answer: It is truly a pleasure, my partner’s sublime.

Brother Quiescis Canterbury (Cent) – Flyting Location and Answers

Brother Quiescis Canterbury (Cent) - Flyting Location
Brother Quiescis Canterbury (Cent) – Flyting Location

Question and Answer:

Brother Quiescis: Come you closer, friend Eivor, and lend me your ear. The most cutting of flyts from my mouth you’ll not hear. But by proxy, I’ll call you a milksop and boor.

Your Answer: Though you speak through another, your flyting’s still poor.

Brother Quiescis: Your body is withered, your garments absurd. I’ll topple you over with nary a word. I’m devoted to flys, though to silence avowed.

Your Answer: Though you choose to be quiet, your folly is loud.

Brother Quiescis: Your visage is ghastly, I’m cowed by your stink. I should like to write more, but you’re not worth the ink. So a last parting phrase: you’re as dim as they come.

Your Answer: With such drivel to speak, I see why you keep mum.

Ove the Scarred Quatford (Sciropescire) – Flyting Location and Answers

Ove the Scarred Quatford (Sciropescire) - Flyting Location
Ove the Scarred Quatford (Sciropescire) – Flyting Location

Question and Answer:

Ove: I am feared by all men, be they Northern or Saxon.

Your Answer: And your thick little skull’s fit for grinding my axe on.

Ove: O, you think you can scare me? I am tougher than you!

Your Answer: Test your might against mine and we’ll see how you do.

Ove: Let’s dispense with these poems, and have a real row.

Your Answer: If it’s fighting you want, I shall take you on now.

Lady Ellette Colcestre (Essexe) – Flyting Location and Answers

Lady Ellette Colcestre (Essexe) - Flyting Location
Lady Ellette Colcestre (Essexe) – Flyting Location

Question and Answer:

Lady Ellette: I have heard much about you and none of it good, You’ve the softness and brains of a sheep. My verses are known all across this great land…

Your Answer: For they put all who hear them to sleep.

Lady Ellette: O you think you’re so clever, I’m almost impressed, That you managed to blurt something out. Yet I’m worried our skills are too deeply mismatched…

Your Answer: I’ll defeat you and banish all doubt.

Lady Ellette: I should almost take pity on one so bereft, Of beauty, of wit, and of skill. But instead I’ll persist ’til you beg me to stop…

Your Answer: You’re exhausting, your words are but slop.

Alewife’s Bane – Picheringa (Eurvicscire) – Flyting Location and Answers

Alewife's Bane - Picheringa (Eurvicscire) - Flyting Location
Alewife’s Bane – Picheringa (Eurvicscire) – Flyting Location

Question and Answer:

Borghild the Alewife’s Bane: Your face is a wreck, you’re a blight on the Norse.

Your Answer: Your face brings to mind the arse-end of a horse!

Borghild the Alewife’s Bane: You’re a pig-headed, ugly, excuse for a Dane.

Your Answer: Well, you’re thick-skulled and loathsome and lacking a brain.

Borghild the Alewife’s Bane: I’m a champion, a winner, I’ll claim the top prize!

Your Answer: You’ve drunk far too much ale , now, you’re just telling lies.

Hertha the Very High Jorvik – Flyting Location and Answers

Hertha the Very High Jorvik - Flyting Location
Hertha the Very High Jorvik – Flyting Location

Question and Answer:

Hertha: And those men who approach, I make fools of the all…

Your Answer: The one fool that I see here is up on that wall.

Hertha: And my height goes to show how above you I stand…

Your Answer: Then enjoy while you can, a great fall is at hand.

Hertha: What’s it like being tiny, an ant in the loam?

Your Answer: What’s it like feigning hugeness? You’re naught but a gnome.

Stigr the Amorous Hamthorpe (Snotinghamscire) – Flyting Location and Answers

Stigr the Amorous Hamthorpe (Snotinghamscire) - Flyting Location
Stigr the Amorous Hamthorpe (Snotinghamscire) – Flyting Location

Question and Answer:

Stigr the Amorous: See, your weapon lies not in your belt, but your head.

Your Answer: With words I’ll ensnare you and put you to bed.

Stigr the Amorous: On your every word, I can say that I’m hung.

Your Answer: I’m as good with my lips as I am with my tongue.

Stigr the Amorous: But instead of just telling, I’ll happily show.

Your Answer: While I doubt you can take me, I’ll give you a go.

Fenn the Wistful Wincestre (Hamtunscire) – Flyting Location and Answers

Fenn the Wistful Wincestre (Hamtunscire) - Flyting Location
Fenn the Wistful Wincestre (Hamtunscire) – Flyting Location

Question and Answer:

Fenn: Both your hands bear the blood of one thousand dead men…

Your Answer: One thousand’s a pittance, it’s closer to ten.

Fenn: Is it worth it, the killing, the torture, the slaves?

Your Answer: Yes, I am ridding the world of cowards weaklings, and knaves.

Fenn: You have one life to live, so why throw it away?

Your Answer: To ensure that O’ll sit in Valhalla one day.

Thor (Asgard) – Flyting Location and Answers

Thor (Asgard) - Flyting Location
Thor (Asgard) – Flyting Location

Question and Answer:

Thor: Cross the water and meet me, I’ll show you my might.

Your Answer: O beware what you ask for, I will finish the fight.

Thor: You’re the worst of the Aesir, a coddled old clod.

Your Answer: I’m as wise as an owl, you’re a fool of a god.

Thor: You’re a simpering graybeard who’ll soon meet his end.

Your Answer: Well, your victory’s not what my visions portend.

Ratatosk (Jotunheim) – Flyting Location and Answers

Ratatosk (Jotunheim) - Flyting Location
Ratatosk (Jotunheim) – Flyting Location

Question and Answer:

Ratatosk: You’ll be slain and undone, by my cunning wit…

Your Answer: I should like to see you try.

Ratatosk: But they ought call me Knife-Tongue for words so sharp…

Your Answer: They’re to dull to conquer me.

Ratatosk: You’re a fat-headed fool, and a puny god!

Your Answer: I grow weary of your squeak.

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