In the ever-evolving world of gaming, board games hold a special place, offering a tactile and engaging experience that digital platforms often cannot replicate. Recently, the sphere of board games experienced an exhilarating development. It pertains to a prominent series, known widely for its captivating narratives and complex characters: The Witcher. Here, we delve deep into the unfolding saga surrounding the release of a new board game, “The Witcher Path of Destiny”, and the cessation of the development of a tabletop RPG in the Witcher universe.

The Witcher Universe Expands: Introduction to “The Witcher Path of Destiny”

Despite the recent suspension of the tabletop RPG development based on The Witcher universe, enthusiasts have reason to remain buoyant. A new venture, titled “The Witcher Path of Destiny”, is on the horizon, promising to enthral fans globally. This project emerges from the adept creators who previously brought to life “The Witcher: The Old World”. A collaboration between CD Projekt RED and Go On Board, this game is set to add another vibrant chapter in the storybook of Witcher board games.

Gameplay Details and Features

Engrossing and vibrant, “The Witcher Path of Destiny” seeks to provide a fresh perspective on the historic events that unfurled in The Witcher universe. Players can immerse themselves as one of the iconic characters from the series, experiencing the pivotal moments of the narrative from a novel standpoint. This promises not only a rediscovery of the beloved lore but also a chance to strategize and make pivotal decisions that could alter the course of the game.

In terms of structure, the game sessions are designed to accommodate a diverse range of player groups, with the flexibility to host a party consisting of one to five individuals. This adaptable setup ensures that whether you are enjoying a solitary strategic session or a lively group event, the game offers an enriching experience. Furthermore, each session promises to hold your interest steadfast, with durations ranging from 45 to 90 minutes, providing substantial depth and complexity to explore.

The game components further add to the immersive experience. Participants can expect a detailed package consisting of maps, miniatures, and a comprehensive rulebook to navigate through the adventures that lie ahead. Additionally, the setup includes a communal playing field and individual tables, facilitating a well-organized gaming session. Aesthetically pleasing, the game set is completed with a beautifully designed box, embodying the essence of The Witcher universe.

Moreover, the creators have ensured a broader reach by making the game available in multiple languages – Polish, English, German, Spanish, and Italian. This linguistic diversity fosters a more inclusive gaming community, inviting enthusiasts from different linguistic backgrounds to partake in the adventure.

Crowdfunding and Pre-order Details

As anticipation builds up around this release, gaming aficionados have the opportunity to play a role in bringing this project to fruition. Interested individuals can extend their financial support for “The Witcher Path of Destiny” through the Gamefound crowdfunding platform. This initiative allows the gaming community to contribute actively to the development process, fostering a deeper connection between the creators and the audience.

Mark your calendars, as the game opens for pre-order on the 19th of October, presenting a golden opportunity to secure a copy of what promises to be a memorable addition to The Witcher board game series.


To sum up, the unveiling of “The Witcher Path of Destiny” brings a wave of excitement for board game enthusiasts, especially those fond of The Witcher series. While the halt in the development of a tabletop RPG might have been a momentary setback, the announcement of this new project by the creators of “The Witcher: The Old World” has certainly reignited the enthusiasm in the gaming community. As we wait eagerly for the pre-order window to commence, the gaming world looks forward to embracing this new venture with open arms, anticipating hours of strategic gameplay and immersive storytelling in the rich and intricate world of The Witcher universe.

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