In the constantly evolving sphere of the gaming industry, where surprises and unanticipated developments are not uncommon, the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is reportedly making its way to PC platforms soon. This detailed discourse serves to dissect every available fragment of information on this topic to provide you with a comprehensive view of the developments and anticipations surrounding this release.

The Report Behind the Rumors

A recent revelation that has stirred the gaming community is the speculated release of the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition on PC. This conjecture stemmed from a report by billbil-kun from Dealabs, a reliable figure known for accurate PlayStation Plus leaks. According to this individual, the anticipated edition is expected to make an appearance on Steam and the Epic Games Store in the coming month.

Listing on the IMDA: What We Know

Adding fuel to the fire of these rumors is a listing spotted on Singapore’s rating board, the IMDA. Interestingly, this listing, which has now been retracted, mentioned the Complete Edition, suggesting that it would encapsulate the main game along with its popular expansion, Burning Shores. While the Horizon Forbidden West initially saw its launch on the PS5 and PlayStation 4 platforms, the Burning Shores expansion exclusively graced the PS5.

Horizon Forbidden West and Burning Shores: A Recap on the Reviews

To provide a brief retrospect, Guerrilla’s Horizon Forbidden West was initially launched in February 2022, and successfully captivated the audience, securing a commendable 9/10 rating in IGN’s review. The game was praised for its captivating open world, enthralling combat sequences, and stellar creature and character design, marking it as a powerful showcase for the capabilities of the PS5. Following this, the Burning Shores expansion was released in April 2023, garnering an 8/10 score from IGN’s critique, signifying its successful addition to the Horizon series, despite minor drawbacks in boss battles.

Sony’s Strategy and Historical Stand on PC Releases

Sony’s stance on releasing PC versions of its games has seen a considerable evolution. Initially, Sony had reservations about launching its exclusives on PC platforms, choosing to remain console-centric. The CEO of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, reiterated this in May, maintaining that Sony intends to persist with its existing strategy, which doesn’t include simultaneous releases of PC versions with PS5 releases.

However, a noticeable shift in this strategy was evident when Horizon Zero Dawn was ported to PC in 2020, a good three years after its original PS4 release, marking it as a significant crossover to the PC platform. This transition indicated a changed perspective as Ryan, in 2021, mentioned Sony’s plans to bring more of its games to the PC owing to the simplified process of making them available to non-console users.

Upcoming Developments: What to Look Forward to

As the gaming community holds its breath for official confirmation on the Complete Edition’s release on PC, Sony has hinted at an upcoming State of Play broadcast. Scheduled for September 14 at 2pm PT, this broadcast intends to focus on indie games and third-party titles. There is a pervasive anticipation that this event might provide a platform for unveiling details about the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, although this remains speculative at the moment.

In conclusion, the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition’s prospective release on PC has created ripples in the gaming world, fostering excitement and anticipation. As we navigate through these speculative times, it is recommended to keep an eye out for official announcements to obtain verified information on this topic.

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