In the dynamic world of gaming, where new revelations and leaks are commonplace, a recent development has caught the attention of the gaming community. The yet-unannounced Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is reportedly gearing up to make its debut on PC platforms in the near future. Here, we dissect this piece of information in detail, shedding light on the various facets that surround this potential release.

A Potential Release on PC Platforms: What We Know

According to recent reports, the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is expected to grace the PC gaming space alongside its presence on PlayStation. This information has been circulated by the well-established reporter, billbil-kun from Dealabs, who has previously been known for credible PlayStation Plus leaks.

The buzz suggests that this coveted edition might make an appearance on popular PC gaming platforms, namely Steam and the Epic Games Store, within the forthcoming month. The details of this release surfaced through a listing by the IMDA, Singapore’s ratings board. Although this listing has since been removed, it had initially hinted at the bundling of the main game along with its acclaimed expansion, Burning Shores. Interestingly, while the primary game was accessible on both PS5 and PlayStation 4, the expansion was exclusive to PS5.

Insight into Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

The Horizon Forbidden West, a brainchild of Guerrilla, was unveiled in February 2022 to substantial acclaim. This recognition can be attributed to its splendid amalgamation of immersive combat scenarios, supreme creature and character designs, and a captivating open world, which altogether underscore the immense capabilities of the PS5 platform.

This scenario draws a contrast with the stance upheld by Jim Ryan, the CEO of PlayStation. He maintained that Sony intends to adhere to its existing strategy, which doesn’t entail the simultaneous release of PC versions for games that are PS5-exclusive, an instance being God of War: Ragnarok. Instead, the plan is to undertake this transition after a span of two to three years, a strategy that seems to resonate well with Sony’s objectives.

Sony’s Transitioning Approach to PC Releases

Over the years, there has been a perceptible shift in Sony’s approach towards releasing its games on PC platforms. In 2020, Sony facilitated the transition of Horizon Zero Dawn to PC, a good three years following its launch on PS4. This marked the initial instance of a prominent first-party PS4 exclusive making its way to the PC domain. Notably, Sony was initially resistant to venturing beyond consoles for its releases.

However, in 2021, a change in direction was noted when Ryan disclosed Sony’s intentions to bring more games to the PC, commencing with “Days Gone”. This decision stemmed from the growing feasibility of making these games available to individuals who do not own consoles.

At the moment, Sony has refrained from commenting on the matter surrounding the Complete Edition. Yet, the anticipation is building up, given that Sony has scheduled a new State of Play broadcast at 2pm PT on September 14. While the focus of this session is ostensibly on indie games and titles from third parties, there is a palpable hope that more details on the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition might emerge during this event.

In conclusion, as we navigate through the unfolding narrative surrounding the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, it remains imperative to stay tuned for official confirmations to gauge the exact trajectory of this release. The gaming community is undoubtedly on tenterhooks, eager to witness the developments that might transpire in the imminent future.

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