How different FAU-G mobile game is from PUBG


How different FAU-G mobile game is from PUBG

The gamers of India eagerly wait for the day. FAUG has just been launched for Android devices. You can enjoy this game by downloading it on an Android device today. This game is not yet launched for the iOS device. It may be that the game will be launched later on the iOS device. As we have already mentioned that Battle Royal will not be available in the FAUG mobile game.

So let’s first see its gameplay so that you will get a little idea about this game.

As you see, it has three game modes.

1. Campaign

2. Team Deathmatch (5v5)

3. Free For All

1. Campaign

We had told in the article that in this game you will get a campaign mission, in which you will get some missions, you will have to complete that. In the campaign, you will feel like a story as if the Indian Army had recently put an incident in the game. You can play the incident with the Indian Army in a game. The first mission you will get in this is that of Galwan Valley, in which the army guns that have been made in the Indian Army attack have to be rescued.

2. Team Deathmatch

You can play live with your friends in Team Deathmatch. This feature is also in PUBG. But this game mode is still closed, it will be opened in the coming time. This game mode is being made right now as soon as it becomes game mode you will be able to enjoy it. Till then you will have to wait a bit.

3. Free For All

Free for all game mode is not yet known exactly what will happen in it. If the team is giving it a chance, then it can be put in the battle royal game mode later.

So as we have seen that in the Campaign mission, you have been given a mission in GalwanValley in which you have to find your soldiers and rescue them, the fight mode in it is quite desi style, Sardar Ji saves their partners. Its gameplay is very smooth, if we compare it with PUBG, then the camera angle of a little bit disturbing, but the gameplay and this camera angle are very good or its graphics are also very good in some snowy places. Has been shown and its sound background music is very much liked.

As we know that in PUBG Mobile, you get the features of Battle Royal, Team Deathmatch, and War. There are many game modes available in which you can play it with your friends, you will not find it in FAUG mobile just like it. We have seen in the menu that the team deathmatch has been given but it is closed now, it may be opened in the coming time, then maybe you can play with your friends in it.


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